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Penelope Mathew, Dean of Griffith University Law School in Australia, visited PKU Law School

On April 18, 2017, Penelope Mathew, Dean of Griffith University Law School in Australia, visited Peking University Law School. Dean of Peking University Law School Zhang Shouwen, Associate Professor Chen Yifeng, Assistant to the Dean, External Affairs Office Director Li Yuanyuan warmly welcomed the visiting staff. The two sides conducted fruitful talks.

First of all, Dean Zhang Shouwen expressed his sincere greetings and welcome to the visiting guests on behalf of Peking University Law School. Peking University and Griffith University have established inter-school cooperation relationships in March this year, the two sides will carry out exchanges and cooperation in the field of teacher and student exchanges and cooperative research, in which international law research cooperation will be regarded as an important part. When referring to the cooperation between the two schools, Peking University Law School and Griffith University Law School have carried out academic exchanges and visits in the fields of criminal law and administrative law since early 2000.

Dean Penelope Mathew thanked Peking University Law School for the hospitality. Griffith University Law School has a strong research advantage in family law, international law and immigration law, and especially hopes that the two schools will strengthen the cooperation in the field of international law, so the two sides will jointly declare the cooperation research topics. Meanwhile, students of the two schools will also strengthen exchanges, and promote substantive cooperation between the two sides through the student summer and semester exchange programs, degree programs and the creation of joint courses and online education, etc. Dean Penelope Mathew also mentioned that with the development of China-Australia relations and China's increasingly important role in global politics and economy, Griffith University Law School attaches great importance to the study of Chinese law and the cooperation with Chinese universities, in which the cooperation with Peking University Law School will be a very important step.

At the end of the talks, Dean Zhang Shouwen expressed his welcome to the Dean of Griffith University Law School again, and expressed great expectations for the cooperation prospects of the two sides.

The photo of Dean Zhang Shouwen and Dean Penelope Mathew


Attachment: Introduction to Griffith University and Law School, Australia

Griffith University of Australia was founded in 1971 and has been in existence for more than 40 years. Griffith University regards the pursuit of excellence, challenging the tradition, continuous innovation and leading the times as the spirit of school. As a research university, the school has maintained a strong academic research level, ranking top 3% in the world colleges and universities, and has cultivated more than 200,000 graduates within the globe. Griffith University has always been concerned about the social and environmental dynamics in Asia because of its geographical location. Griffith University has six campuses with 46 schools, and provides targeted courses for students with different educational backgrounds. The school's teaching and research in environmental science, Asian research, music, hospitality management and business are recognized as Australia's premier.

Griffith University Law School has a unique teaching model and curriculum. The law school attaches great importance to social contact and practical teaching, providing students with practical and international courses. The university also promote interdisciplinary exchanges and infiltration, providing students with dual degree courses, stressing that students learn knowledge and master practical skills through simulation, consultation, etc. Law School's Legal Clinic Program helps students participate in legal practice, political life and community practice, participate in real cases, and work with real customers. In addition, at the Griffith Law School, students have a large number of opportunities to study abroad and broaden their horizons. Moreover, the field of law research also received the Australian Academic Committee ‘higher than the world standard’ recognition.


Written by: External Affairs Office

Translated by: Tian Junxin

Edited by: Wang Mi