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Taiwan Guanghua Education Foundation CEO Chen Zhenchuan came to Peking University Law School

April 17 at 2:00 p.m., Taiwan Guanghua Education Foundation, Tangjiang Education foundation CEO Chen Zhenchuan came to Peking University Law School, Dean of Law School Zhang Shouwen, Vice president of law school Xue Jun, Yang Xiaoleireceived Mr. Chen and his party in the courtyard of Law School. Peking University Education Foundation Deputy Secretary-General Zhao Wenli attended the forum.


Dean Zhang Shouwen expressed his warm welcome to Mr. Chen Zhenchuan and his entourage, and briefed Mr. Chen Zhenchuan and Deputy Secretary-General Zhao Wenli on the general situation of Peking University Law School and the international development strategy of law education, personnel training and academic research in recent years.At the same time, Mr. Zhang expressed his admiration for Mr. Chen Zhenchuan's charity for many years. He pointed out that the Guanghua Education Foundation and the Tang Award Education Foundation have been actively committed to social responsibility for many years.He also expects Peking University Law School to work with Guanghua Education Foundation and Tang Award Education Foundation to jointly cultivate legal talents and make greater contributions to the construction of the rule of law in the world.


Mr. Chen Zhenchuan said that Guanghua Education Foundation has been based on the purpose of developing Chinese culture, committed to the students to provide a good learning environment, to encourage outstanding students to study hard, work hard.Mr. Yin Yanliang, President of Runtai Group, invested in the establishment of the "Tang Award" in 2013, aims to reward those who have made significant contributions in the fields of "sustainable development", "biotechnology medicine", "Sinology" and "rule of law".He also looks forward to further cooperation with Peking University Law School.

In this symposium, the two sides discussed the legal education, academic research, personnel training, international perspective, social responsibility and other aspects of in-depth communication for the further cooperationbetween the two sides laid a favorable foundation.


Translated by: Zhao Jiaqi

Edited by: Wang Mi