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The normative system,application and teaching research of general provisions of civil law

At 7:00 p.m. April 17,Law School The normative system,application and teaching research of general provisions of civil law》——the first lecture of "Peking University Civil Law Forum" held smoothly in Koguan Building.Wang Zejianfamous civil and commercial jurist, honorary professor of Taiwan University Law Schoolas speaker,Professor Zhang Shouwen,Dean of the Peking University Law School,all the teachers of Civil and Commercial Law in Peking University and many lawers attended the lecture.More than 400 students from Law School and other faculties listened to the lecture.Peking University Law School Professor Liu Kaixiang presided over the lecture.

First of all, Professor Liu Kaixiang made an opening speech,he briefly introduced Professor Wang Zejian’s outstanding achievements in the field of civil and commercial law, and expressed the heartfelt thanks and warm welcome to Professor Wang’s arrival.

Subsequently, Dean Zhang Shouwendelivered a welcome speech.On behalf of Peking University Law School, he welcomed the arrival of Professor Wang Zejian, pointing out that the purpose of this lecture was to analyze the normative system and research direction of the General Provisions of Civil Law.

After that, Professor Wang Zejian's lecture began. The first part of the lecture is the research and analysis of the general provisions of civil law, Wang Zejian pointed out that the general provisions of civil law kept in line with the needs of the development of socialism with Chinese characteristics.Then he selected the main system and terms, gave deep explanations from perspectives of law origin, subject system, civil rights, legal acts, litigation and etc,and pointed out some possible problems and solutions of these systems and provisions in the design. In the second part,Professor Wang Zejian gave guidance to law school students on how to learn the law and how to apply it. By enumerating three typical examples, he explained that in order to learn the applied disciplines, we must have the ability to analyze the cases, grasp the legal relationship.He stressed that only through appropriate criticism and care can we maintain the vitality of civil and commercial law, and placed a strong expectation on the young lawyers as well.



Later, in the questioning session, the teachers and students who attended the meeting and the scholars of the law actively asked questions about the requirements of validity of civil juristic act, the differences between the Chinese mainland and Taiwan codes, and the core concepts of justice. Professor Wang Zejian made wonderful answers pertains to all the questions, the atmosphere was very warm.

Finally, Professor Liu Kaixiang briefed the seminar, the guests and students expressed that they have benefited a lot from the lecture, and warmly applauded Professor Wang Zejian.

The "Peking University Civil and Commercial Law Forum" held smoothly, showing profound academic conservation of the master of the legal profession, enhanced the academic exchanges of cross-strait legal field , deepened the teachers and students’ understanding of the general principles of the law, provided valuable proposals for the college students to study civil and commercial law better, which has a positive meaning for the professional learning, college civil law discipline construction and development of Peking University Law School.


Translated by: Lu Chunguang

Edited by: Wang Mi