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William R. M. Treanor, Dean of Georgetown University Law School, Visited PKULS

On the morning of February 27, 2017, Dean of Georgetown University Law School William M. Treanor, Deputy Dean James Feinerman, Executive Director of Asian Law Center Tom Kellogg and their entourage visited Peking University Law School. Dean of Law School Zhang Shouwen, Assistant Professor Peng Chun, Assistant Dean and Director of External Affairs Office Li Yuanyuan warmly received the visiting staff. The two sides held constructive talks. 

On behalf of Peking University Law School, Dean Zhang Shouwen extended his sincere greetings to visiting guests and welcomed them to visit and exchange at Peking University Law School. Mr. William M. Treanor thanked PKU Law School for their hospitality and introduced the attendees at Georgetown University Law School.

The two sides briefly reviewed the history of cooperation and exchange. Subsequently, the two sides exchanged views on the current hot topics of global warming, population aging, global financial order and US policy changes, and said that the two institutions had a great deal of cooperation in the study of these hot issues space.

Mr. William M.Treanor, Georgetown University Law School, said that with the development of Sino-US relations and China's increasingly important role in global politics and economy, Georgetown University has established the Asian Law Research Center and has set up a series of courses on Asian culture and legal environment, including Chinese law. In addition, the Asian Law Forum has been held several times. At present, Georgetown University is continuing its efforts to improve its cooperation with Asian institutions, and cooperation with Peking University Law School will be a very important step.


Dean William M. Treanor presented the way in which Georgetown University Law School has now worked with. At the same time, he hopes to cooperate with Peking University Law School in exchange for students, co-sponsored academic conferences and exchange of scholars and other aspects of cooperation. In this regard, Dean Zhang Shouwen agreed that Georgetown University Law School as one of the best law schools in the United States. In addition, Georgetown's unique geographical location is more convenient for legal and policy research. Therefore, Peking University Law School is looking forward to working with Georgetown University Law School.

At the end of the talks, Dean Zhang Shouwen once again expressed his welcome to the Dean of Georgetown University Law School, and expressed good expectations for the cooperation prospects of both sides.



Translated by : Zhou Wenhao

Edited by: AoMinyu