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PKU Team won the Fourth ICC Trial competition (English) Chinese Race Champion

March 12th, the Fourth International Criminal Court Trial Competition (English) Chinese race champion came to an end at the China University of Political Science and Law.Peking University team, which was consisted of students form Law School, was the champion of the competition. And Lei Qi was named the best prosecutors debater in the final. Peking University team,University of International Business and Economics team and China University of Political Science and Law team will be on behalf of mainland China to Holland Hague to participate in the International Criminal Court Trial competition in May 2017.

In the preliminary round, the PKU Law School team members prepared well, kept calm down, and successfully entered the final.In the face of the opponents’ sharp retort and the judges’ detailed questions, Law School students replied on the basis of the rich reserves of knowledge and calm state of mind. In the end, they got a high degree of appreciation from the judges and heartfelt respect from the opponents.The main judge Liu Daqun,as a famous international legal expert and a former Yugoslavia International Tribunal judge,also spoke highly of the team.

Peking University team was made up of captain Shen Luoyi, coach Liu Ji and Chen Yue,researchers Li Ying and Peng Xiangyi, players Shen Luoyi, Lei Qi and Chen Meizhi. During the preparation, the team members were assisted by Law School Prof. Yi Ping, Joe Pratt and Jacob Clark. Law School students Shen Jie and Shen Han gave valuable suggestions. The Communist Youth League Committee and other departments provided adequate logistical support and spirit support for the team.



Since it was establishment in 2002, the International Criminal Court has played a very important role in fighting against international crime and establishing a unified international criminal law system. The international criminal court and the China University of Political Science and Law has been hosting the international Criminal Court Trial competition in mainland china since 2012,with the aim of promoting the understanding and research of the International Criminal Court. In 2014, the language of competition was changed from Chinese to English, which enabled the Chinese mainland's winning team to compete with the best law students from all over the world.The competition was co-hosted by the ICC and the China University of Political Science and Law, with 23 teamsfrom mainland China including Peking University, Tsinghua University, RenminUniversity of China,China Foreign Affairs University and Shanghai Jiao Tong University participating in it,,and it was the largest number of teams in its history.

Wish the Peking University team repeat its experience in the 2017 International Criminal Court Trial competition!

Translated by: Zhang Qi

Edited by: AoMinyu