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Dr. Li Changyu's "Modern Science Investigation Method" keynote speech was successfully held

On February 24th at 10:00 am, Li Changyu, the famous criminal identification scientist, director of the American Association for the Identification of Scientific Research and Training in Connecticut, a professor of science at the University of New Haven, visited Peking University Law School and made a "Modern Science Investigation Method" keynote speech at the Koguan Building Lecturer Hall. Zhang Shouwen (Dean of Law School), Pan Jianfeng (party secretary and vice president), Yang Xiaolei (vice president) Xue Jun (vice president ), Lu Jiangnan(deputy secretary of the party committee),Zhang Yuxiang and Chenyongsheng (on behalf of college teachers ) and other teachers attended the event. The lecture was hosted by Pan Jianfeng, vice president, Secretary of the party committee.

The speech was packed with a warm atmosphere. In more than two hours of speech, Dr. Li Changyu shared his life experiences and occupation career with the audience through a humorous story. From the hardships of juvenile, to the hard struggle of youth, and then to the firm choice of career, Dr. Li Changyu through his own moral concept, efficiency concept, shared values, reminds the students to improve the concept of time, cultivate dedication and establish a firm belief , Respect for the rules of the system, and stresses the "impossible to become possible" concept. He taught the students, life is not immutable, to the hearts of the goal of unremitting efforts, and strive to become outstanding representatives of Chinese in the world, and hope that everyone in the self realization of virtue and sincerity, actively contribute to society and others, realize the value of life.

Dr. Li Changyu elaborated the theory and practice of modern criminal investigation with the scientific perspective from the various criminal cases of his own participation in the investigation. He started from the evolution of criminal investigation, the importance of science and technology in the investigation, the precautions in the investigation process, and emphasizes the necessity of professional quality such as careful, patient and courage, and also shows The flexible use of modern technology in the actual detection of criminal investigation in Practical Cases, such as DNA. He guided the students to observe and think about the real case, highlighting the significance of the criminal cases in the first scene protection for the detection of the case, and focus on the analysis of the criminal investigators to enhance the full use of science and technology in the judicial practice of the important role.

Dr. Li Changyu

Dr. Li Changyu has been involved in the investigation of major criminal cases with global influence, including Kennedy's murder, Simpson case, Chen Shuibian shooting. The new concept and method proposed in the criminal investigation science has important significance in the modern criminal investigation milepost in the process of scientific development. Dr. Li Changyu long-term public spirited, widely engaged in teaching and research and personnel training career, and actively share the life experience with young people.


 Moderator Professor Pan Jianfeng
Before the lecture, Dean Zhang Shouwen , Pan Jianfeng, secretary of school leadership, teacher representatives met with Dr. Li Changyu and his delegation. Dean Zhang Shouwen and Prof. Pan Jianfeng expressed their high praise to Dr. Li Changyu for his contribution to the development of criminal identification science and the cause of law education. He expressed his warm welcome and welcome thanks to Dr. Li Changyu.

College leaders, teachers met with Dr. Li Changyu
This seminar provides college teachers and students with the industry's leading, world-renowned professionals close contact with the valuable opportunity to make the audience understand the modern criminal investigation methods and technical means of the forefront of progress, so that everyone on the criminal investigation of science for the rule of law Construction and social development have a deeper understanding of the significance. The audience also learn from the experience of Dr. Li Changyu’s career development and life choice, which give a high degree guidance for young students to create a personal ideal and faith to enhance and correct values of the cultivation.

Translated by: Yang Xiaoxiao
Edited by: Zhou Wenhao