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David D. Meyer, Dean of Tulane University Law School visited Peking University Law School

On December 16th, David D. Meyer, Dean of Tulane University Law School, Prof. Amy Gajda and Prof. Wang Guiguo visited PKULS. Dean Zhang Shouwen and Assistant Dean and Director of External Affairs Office Li Yuanyuan warmly welcomed the guests. The two sides held brief and constructive talks.

On behalf of PKULS, Dean Zhang Shouwen expressed his sincere greetings to the visiting guests and welcomed them to PKULS. Dean Zhang briefly introduced PKULS from the development of itself and cooperation and exchanges with foreign schools.

Dean David D. Meyer thanked Prof. Zhang Shouwen and PKULS for their hospitality. Tulane University Law School attaches great importance to the cooperation with PKULS. Dean David D. Meyer introduced the strengths of the Institute, including maritime law, comparative law, energy and environmental law, and hoped this visit can further expand the areas of cooperation and mutual trust between the two schools. The two sides exchanged views on student exchange, degree programs and other issues. In the future the two sides will develop cooperation in the field of exchange students.

Later, Prof. Amy Gajda introduced his research on media law and entertainment law. Prof. Wang Guiguo introduced the recent research projects of Tulane University Law School, including "one belt and one road" research, international arbitration and dispute resolution. He said that many of the projects are closely related to China's economic development and exchanges with the outside world. He hoped that the exchange of visits between teachers and academies, the establishment of joint personnel training, judges training and short-term study projects would be strengthened. Dean Zhang Shouwen agreed and pointed out that the cooperation in relevant fields is conducive to improving the level of research, which is a good start for mutual benefit and win-win. He hoped the two sides further discuss the relevant details in future.

At the end of the meeting, Dean Zhang Shouwen made a concluding speech and expressed his welcome to the dean and professors of the Tulane University Law School once again. The meeting ended in a pleasant atmosphere, and the two sides took a group photo to mark the occasion.

Translated by: Yang Zhe

Edited by: Zhou Wenhao