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Law School Won the First Prize of the 81th Anniversary of the “12.9” Campaign

On the evening of December 9th, Peking University commemorated the 95th anniversary of the founding of the party, the 80th anniversary of the victory of the Red Army and the 81st anniversary of the "12.9" campaign in Peking University Hall. After nearly two months of hard rehearsal and meticulous preparation, law school teachers and students who had outstanding performance gained the first prize with a passionate song "explorer".

"Explorer" was written by the campus musician Jin Zixuan and composed by law school 2013 undergraduate Yu Jiahao. The soundtrack of the original music of the Law School was opened by a beautiful harmony, with the singing of the waves, the melody of the birds, the softness and the richness of the layers. Audiences were brought into the dream. 2014 undergraduate Wang Qiyuan led the audience's emotions with skilled and passionate conduct. With the black tube, violin, piano and other musical accompaniment, law school teachers and students sang perfectly. When the song "start with a closed eye and prayer is a new scene when waking up" end, law school teachers and students were more and more faithful in their heart. Even if the road was long, our footsteps never stopped.

All teachers and students of the faculty contributed to the excellent results of the Law School team. On the day of the competition, a number of faculty members including Chen Zhihong, Jia Weiwei, Du Xuejiao, Cao Yanyan, Dong Binyu, Qin Jiangying, Wang Bingshan and Fu Chengyu attended the concert, which demonstrated loving care of faculty.

College leaders and teachers attached great importance to this event. College Communist Youth League paid careful preparation for the training. College Trade Unions provided adequate logistics support. 2016 undergraduate freshmen overcame many difficulties to participate the rehearsal. The participation of students and teachers showed the high spirits of the Peking University Lawyers, which also added a new honor to the college.

As an important part of patriotism and collectivism education, this year's song campaign would further stimulate the patriotism of teachers and students, and enhanced the friendship between students as well. Thus, 2016 new students enhanced the sense of collective belonging. In the future, law school team would continue to create greater glories.

Translated by: Yang Yang

Edited by: Yang Wanyi