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Series of activities of "12.4 National Constitution Day" carried out successfully

December 4, 2016 is China's third national constitutional day. PKULS attached great importance to the implementation of the requirements of the Notice of the Office of the National Leading Group on Education Law of the Ministry of Education on Doing a Good Job of the Constitution Day and Educational System Constitution Day in 2016, and the Law School of Peking University took efforts to promote the spirit of the Constitution with the theme of "Green, open, sharing the development” combined with the party's Sixth Plenary Session of the 18th and General Secretary Xi Jinping’s speech.

  In order to implement the principle of the rule of law and learn about the operation mechanism of the law in practice, the Legal Aid Association of Peking University organized the visit to Tiantong& Partners Firm and WusongtechCompany on the afternoon of November 25. During the event, the lawyer briefed the students on the operation mechanism of Tiantong& Partners Firm, which was different from the general law firm, and the Wusongtech’sresearch on creating the most powerful Internet litigation service platform in China. Through these activities students obtained a more profound understandingof practical use of legal knowledge.

 On December 4, the school Communist Youth League, Law School in Triangle organized an activity named of "study of the Constitution, talk about the Constitution". The legal volunteers of the association have carefully prepared related questions. Every participant in the game received a well-prepared brochure from the Peking University Legal Aid Association and left his name on the signature board. Active participants also won prizes in prizes by the way of drawing dice. Entertaining activities in the form of rich gifts attracted a large number of students to participate.

In order to carry out the purpose of promoting the awareness of the rule of law, Peking University Legal Aid Association and Tsinghua University, Renmin University of China and Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics student legal aid groups, in December 5th went into the Yan Beiyuan community Day Constitution Day and held a lecture on legal knowledge. The lecture focused on social hot topics, including health care, products sales, fraud telecommunications, heritage and marriage. Taking the age of the residents into account, the students analyzed real cases to remind residents to avoid falling into legal disputes. In the curriculum, community residents actively participated in the interaction, but also put forward a number of issues related to their own interests, the students have been patiently answered the questions. After the meeting, the Peking University Legal Aid Association also distributed the well-prepared theme bags for the Constitution Day.

   Article 7 of Chapter 3 of the Constitution of the People's Republic of China stipulates the people's court as a national judicial organ, and makes clear the principle of "open trial". In order to enhance students' understanding of the "open trial" principle, the morning of December 2, Peking University Legal Aid Association organized 14 students from different faculties into the Haidian District People's Court, attended the trial about a stolen credit card. After the trial, Han Bin and the students actively discussed this issue and exchanged opinions. By listening to the trial, the students increased the sense of financial security and understanding of judicial proceedings.

The Constitutional Amendment stipulates that "the People's Republic of China exercises the rule of law and the building of a socialist country under the rule of law", and the rule of law has become one of the basic principles of our Constitution. In order to enable students to understand the legal mechanism in practice, the afternoon of December 2, Peking University Legal Aid Association visited the Dacheng Law Office. Mr. Du Qingchun introduced the details of Dacheng Law Office to the students and made suggestions for the students' career planning. The students and Du Qingchun launched a lively exchange on the combination of legal knowledge and practice.

With the development of new media, the way of information dissemination tended to be diversified. Law school made a full use of the network platform for rapid dissemination of information to carry out constitutional education.

  "Constitution is the basic law of our country, which provides the rule of law concepts and legal principles, all the time embodied in the legal practice. “ In order to let the students feel the significance of the implementation of the constitution, more than 40 students from the Peking University Master of Law Association on Nov.29visited the Yingke Law Firm, which helps students to gain a deeper understanding of the industry information and establish their own career plans in a more systematic way, so as to better serve the society and become the pillars of the country in the future.

 In order to pursue the history of the new China's constitutional change, grasp the pulse of the development of new China's Constitution, Peking University Law and Public Policy Research Conference organized the "Reading Constitution on Constitution Day" in Chen Ming Building. The reading party reviewed the history of the past, summed up the historical significance of different periods of the Constitution. Dr. Kong Yuan also summarized the significance of the constitution from the academic research and constitutional protection, deepened the students' understanding of the constitution and helped to keep the law, patriotism and respecting the constitution in close contact with each other in the future life.

On the evening of December 4, PKULS student union organized "I am not Pan Jinlian" legal book sharing successfully in the Law student club. Mr. Hou shared his thoughts and insights on his reading and viewing from the students who participated in the event. Based on the experience of Li Xuelian's petition, combined with the specific provisions of China's Constitution, he elucidated the relationship between petitioning and Chinese political culture and the rule of law. Through this exchange, students have a more profound understanding of China's judicial practice and the reality of the rule of law.

Through the "12.4 National Constitution Day" publicity law education activities, students have a deeper understanding on the Constitution and law, social reality and the rule of law. They practice the value of the lawyer and popularize the basic knowledge of the law and the core idea in the volunteer activities.  Promoting the spirit of “the rule of law” is conducive to establish the socialist concept of the rule of law, promote the whole society to respect the law and help people to solve the disputes by using laws, and fulfill the social harmony finally.

Translated by: Zhou Qianyu

Edited by: Yang Zhe