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The 10th Anniversary Ceremony of the LL.M. Program in Chinese Law Held Successfully

On November 19th, the 10th-anniversary ceremony of the LL.M. Program in Chinese Law was successfully held at the students’ club in Kaiyuan Building. Deputy Director of the Commission for Discipline Inspection of Peking University, Mr. Gong Wendong, Dean of the Law School Prof. Zhang Shouwen, Vice Dean of the Law School Prof. Guo Li, the representative of teachers Prof. Zhang Qi, Prof. Lou Jianbo, Prof. Fu Yulin, teacher Peng Chun, responsible persons of the program Ms. Xu Xiaoying, Ms. Wei Xining, alumni representatives Gulnur Nurkeyeva, Oishi Kazuya, Keiji Tokujiya, Huang Hua and some current LLM students attended the event.


The celebration began with an introduction video showing the history of the LLM program. The video showed pictures from the past 10 years and little blurbs written by alumni. After the short video, Ms. Wei Xining introduced the guests to the audience.


The attending teachers each made a short speech. Director Gong Wendong welcomed and thanked all the international students who chose the LL.M. Program. As one of the founders of the project, he would be happy to provide support and help to everyone's study and life in Beijing. Professor Zhang Qi also expressed his warm welcome to the students and encouraged them to put forward suggestions to promote the further development of the program. Professor Guo Li reviewed the history of the establishment of the program and expressed gratitude to the teachers and students who chose the project. He said it was the tireless efforts of all people that help made this program accomplish all achievements we see today. Teacher Peng Chun recalled his experience as a member of the program. Ten years ago, he served as a teaching assistant in the courses and now he is one of the faculty here. Because of his own experience, he had a good understanding of the difficulties of students studying abroad, and he hoped to help students and make progress with them. Professor Lou Jianbo was very pleased to participate in the LL.M. Program. As one of the founders of the program, he was very grateful to everyone for their support and contributions. He also expressed his hope to see the program continue to flourish. Professor Fu Yulin recalled the situation when they started this program. Looking back, she feels lucky to have the opportunity to interact with the students.

Dean of law school, Professor Zhang Shouwen, congratulated to the program on behalf of the law school. Many graduates of the LLM Program have made great achievements in their own fields, which help promote the law school to the rest of the world. He also gave thanks to all the teachers contributing to this program, and emphasized that the program is one of the important parts of Law School. He highlighted that the core value of the program is providing a platform for students to engage in cross-cultural communications to broaden their horizons. He wished that the students from different countries, with different cultural backgrounds, would continue to interact and learn from each other. He hoped that this program would continue to bloom, and also encourage graduates could maintain close contact with the law school so that the law school could track the growth of students.


After the speeches, all the participants have the chance to share their thoughts with each other while enjoying the refreshments provided. The students shared their gains from the LL.M Program in Chinese Law. Some discussed the methods of studying law and some communicated on the problems encountered in life. Enkhmunkh Nyamsuren, a freshman of the program, is very grateful that this world's top-ranked university provides abundant resources and a great learning platform. She finds courses of the LL.M Program in Chinese Law are quite beneficial. Luis Fe Borja cherished the learning opportunities offered by Peking University Law School. He has learnt more about Chinese legal system and culture while perfecting his Chinese language skills. He hoped he would be able to contribute to cross-cultural exchange between China and Ecuador.

Towards the end of the celebration, all the participants took group photos in front of Kaiyuan Building, documenting all the good memories of the event. The ceremony has reviewed the ten years' development and progress of the LL.M Program in Chinese Law. It has expressed thanks to the hard work of all the teachers, staffs and the active participants, which also enhanced the cohesion of the program. The Law School will continue strengthening the construction of the LL.M Program, broadening the international perspectives of the teachers and students and fostering outstanding legal talents to provide a broader platform for the long-term development of teachers and students both locally and internationally.




Translated by: Zhou Qianyu, Deng Ying, Shanahly Wan


Edited by: Zhou Wenhao