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President Lin Jianhua Visited the Law School

On the morning of November 16. 2016, President of Peking Univerity Lin Jianhua and his party came to the law school and had an informal discussion with law school leaders and other 20 representatives of teachers. Vice-President Gao Song, Wang Yanglin, director of the social sciences department Yang He, assistant to the president of social science Wang Bo,vice president of the graduate school Gong Qihuang and other department executives attended the forum.

In the first place, president of law school Zhang Shouwen introduced the basic situation of law school for the scientific construction, talentscultivation,administrationand other aspects.He particularly emphasized that law school would continue to consolidate basic disciplines,strengthen interdisciplinary integration, and promote the development of new disciplines; Regarding of personnel training, they said they would continue to deepen reform,promote internationalization, improve the personnel management and teacher appointment mechanism, and steadily promote the comprehensive reform of personnel system, in order to attract outstanding scholars to join. Finally, he summed up the experience and thoughts of the development of law school in recent years with the principle of "seeking truth from facts".

Teacher representatives talked about their experience and recommendations one after another. Prof. Rao Geping, a member of the CPPCC National Committee, expressed the hope that Peking University, while training high-end talents for the country, should also carry forward the fine traditions of Peking University. He said that we could attach more importance to the moral cultivation of talents to shape the students' values through excellent school ethos. Professor Bai Jianjun, an expert in criminology, shared his own experience in interdisciplinary research on legal empirical analysis and made suggestions on supporting interdisciplinary teaching and research. Vice Dean Professor Guo Li reported on the law school assessment of the basic situation, and talked about their legal position of the basic understanding of training. Professor Chen Ruihua stressed the importance of carrying out interdisciplinary teaching and research. Professor Zhang Ping, executive Vice Dean of the Intellectual Property school, introduced the current situation of the development of intellectual property in Peking University. Young teachers Chen Yifeng on behalf of young teachers strengthened interdisciplinary exchanges, the reform of young teachers and other aspects of personnel evaluation system. Professor Pan Jianfeng, secretary of the party committee and vice president of the hospital, put forward ideas from the aspects of talent team construction,incentive mechanism and so on. Lin Jianhua earnestly listened to everyone's speeches, from time to time to ask questions and communicate with the teachers' representatives.It was under a warm atmosphere.

In his concluding, Lin Jianhua said that one of the most important aspects of the general thinking of school development was to mobilize the enthusiasm of teachers and create a good atmosphere. In the past ten years of development, the school had always adhered to the principle of "taking team construction as the core, taking interdisciplinary as the key point, taking institutional and institutional innovation as the motive force". At present, the school planning focus would be placed on the development and construction of faculties, and made effort to promote the discipline adjustment, education and teaching reform.

Lin Jianhua stressed that law was a very important field of teaching and research. He affirmed the efforts made by law school and the good atmosphere created by teachers, and said that law school have the condition for further development. Lin Jianhua pointed out that the law school in the next development would jump out of the existing "framework" from a broader perspective.


Translated by: Yang Yang

Edited by : Zhou Wenhao