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IPR Salon and Law School Alumni Association Intellectual Property Branch Was Successfully Held

At 2:00 pm of October 30th, Intellectual Property RightSalon and Law School Alumni Association Intellectual Property Branch were successfully held at lecture hall, Koguan Building. There were many guests attending the ceremony, including Law School Dean and Alumni Association President Zhang Shouwen, Vice Dean Zhu Qichao, Alumni Work Office Director Dang Shuping, Director Assistant Lu Xinxin and Prof. LuoYuzhong, Chen Meizhang and so on. Besides, some members of Alumni Association Intellectual Property Branchattended the ceremony as well, such as Wen Xu and Dang Xiaolin.

The first is the Intellectual Property Right Frontier Research Salon. Judge Zhang Xiaojin, XueYinjun and Legal Officer Huang Jing have made speeches on the cutting-edge issues of intellectual property practice. Through introduction the process of establishing the courts of intellectual property, they pointed out that procedural measures should be adopted in the administration of justice to protect intellectual property rights. And then, commentators Zhang Ping and Wen Xu focused on merchandising right and intellectual property right to discuss. They stated that enterprises should be pragmatic and deploy according to market demand. Furthermore, enterprises should interpret matters related to trademarks and patents.

Subsequently, Wei Zhi, Ma Yufeng and Dang Xiaolin made speeches around the intellectual property legislation and policy. Wei Zhi introduced the definition of IPR legislation and the problems it faced, indicating that the policy should refer to the relevant provisions of law, not only pay attention to intellectual property law. Ma Yufeng and Dang Xiaolin expressed their views on trade secret legislation, scope of IPR protection, patent infringement compensation practice and Chinese patent infringement compensation proposal. Then Prof. Yang Ming and Presiding Judge Zhang Xiaoxia commented that the legislation was from juridical practice, in turn, legislation also providejuridical practice with protection. In addition, they indicated that intellectual property rights was not a matter of fact but a matter of value judgment, so we have to find the answer in the whole legal system.

Followed by was the establishment ceremony of Intellectual Property Branch. Prof. Zhu Qichao introduced the establishment background of the Intellectual Property Branch and expressed his plan and hope for its future development. In the end, Prof. Zhang Ping, on behalf of professors, said that she would make more excellent students to join the field of intellectual property right, and jointly build and improve the relevant systems and practices.

Finally, Dean Zhang Shouwen made a concluding speech. He stressed the increasingly important position of Intellectual property, and said that the alumni should assume responsibility of building the rule of law in our country.

Translated by: Ran Hongli

Edited by: Yang Zhe