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Avoiding Risks from a Legal Perspective and Protect Business Decisions

In this case, with the deepening of the reform of the cultural system and the great efforts to support the development of cultural undertakings, more and more policies and capital lean to the cultural industry, media and entertainment industry being into a period of rapid development and developing deeply into highly specialized, refined, industrialized and international direction, entertainment law has becomes a strong market demand in China. Peking University Law School took advantage of the situation, for the first time to successfully held the first Beijing University intellectual property entertainment law workshop, aiming to the domestic media and entertainment industry law practitioners, with the theme of entertainment laws and regulations and legal practice.

During this five-day workshop, with the profound academic background and industry reputation of Peking University Law School, there were not only well-known professor specialized in intellectual property law, entertainment law, media law in the teaching team, but also experts and lawyers with rich practical experiences. The teaching team showing a professional, diversified and international characteristics.

Zhang Ping, the professor of Peking University Law School and the executivevice president of Peking University Intellectual Property Institute, gave a speech on "entertainment industry in the protection and utilization of intellectual property rights" to begin the law feast. Professor Zhang Ping said that China had rich cultural resources, broad market spaces and a good legal environment, in this situation, he envisioned bright prospect for media and entertainment industry development. Zhang Ping wished that the participants could broaden the entertainment industry intellectual property protection vision further and let the Chinese culture go to the world through the study.

Professor Zhang Ping

SunYuanzhao, a visiting professor of University Law School, gave a lecture on the latest development of American copyright law. Starting from the latest development of copyright law in the United States, Professor Sun used humorous language to explain the in detail the latest development of copyright law and advanced experience in United States

Professor Sun Yuanzhao

Yang Ming, Professor of Peking University Law School, taught "copyright in the entertainment industry." Yang connected the theory with practice, discussed the problems in the copyright issues among the film and television industry, music industry and the rights of performers.  

Professor Yang Ming



Yi Jiming, researcher of Peking University Law School taught about "the main legal issues in entertainment law.” Starting from the current hot case, Yi led the relevant legal issues of the operation of capital, dissemination and review and market regulation. Yi also explained the relevant policy for the students throughly. 



Researcher, Yi Jiming

Tao Xinliang, dean of Intellectual Property School of Dalian University of Technology, honorary president of Shanghai University Intellectual Property School, taught about "the focus of a number of film and television copyright issues." As the first batch of patent agents in China, with a wealth of actual combat experiences, Mr. Tao has engaged in intellectual property researching, teaching and providing legal services for more than 30 years. During the course of his lectures, he conducted in-depth discussions and exchanged views with students on the hot and difficult issues in the field of media and entertainment.

Dean of Intellectual Property School of Dalian University of Technology, Tao Xinliang

Professor Xu Chao, Director of Beijing Junze Intellectual Property Development Center, gave a lecture on "Introduction to Collective Management of Copyright". Director Xu has served as Director, Deputy Director and Inspector of the National Copyright Administration and participated in the drafting and revision of the Copyright Law. He has rich theoretical knowledge and practical skills, which further broadened the theoretical horizons of the participants.


Director, Xu Chao

He Jie, Partner of Anjie Law Firm, gave lectures on "Intellectual Property Risk Management of Entertainment Industry". From the practical experiences, Mr. He has carried on the interactive teaching with the students through the analysis of the typical cases, the permission, the signatory right, the renewal right and so on.

Lawyer, He Jie

GuiJia, Partner of Global Law Firm, gave a lecture on "Intellectual Property in the Entertainment Industry in the Internet and New Media Times”. Combined with his legal experience Mr. Guy analyzed and interpreted the characteristics of the Internet and the new media era, the impact of the entertainment industry, and the intellectual property issues faced with, and the solutions for intellectual property risks.

Lawyer, GuiJia

Zhang Xiaoxia, judge of Beijing Intellectual Property Court, taught about "Copyright Contract Disputes”. In accordance with her own experience in handling cases for many years, Judge Zhang exchanged views and shared on the type, characteristics, legal issues involved of copyright contract disputes, as well as the types of matters needing attention.

Judge, Zhang Xiaoxia

There are not only special courses with rich content, but also specially arranged the inspection link for the students during the entertainment law workshop.

On October 25, the entertainment law workshop students went to Huayi Brothers Media Co., Ltd., and discussed with Wang Dongmei, the company's General Counsel. Wang Dongmei gave a lecture on "the film and television industry contract in the relevant legal issues” and explained the operation mode of film and television industry, audit points and the main types of contract of film and television industry in detail.In the teaching process, the General Counsel  Wang launched Active interaction with students. After the lecture, participants visited and experienced the Huayi high-end custom cinema. Director of the Office of the National Co-operation Office of the Faculty of Law on behalf of the law school, expressedthe heartfelt thanks to General Counsel Wang’s great support to entertainment law workshop and looked forward to Peking University Law School and Huayi Brothers cooperate and exchange in more areas.

General Counsel Wang Dongmei gave a lesson to participants

On behalf of the law school, NianYijia, Deputy director of the law school, gave gifts to the General Counsel Wang Dongmei

Participants visited and experienced the Huayi high-end custom cinema

Participants took photos at Huayi

On October 28, entertainment law workshop students went to the Beijing Film Academy again, to listen to lecture from the Zhao Yuzhong, Professor of Department of Management of Beijing Film Academy, ”film and television rights and signing skills." Professor Zhao explained on film and television copyright norms, film and television copyright transactions and other legal issues in detail. After the course, Mr. Zhao led the students to visit the Beijing Film Academy, and presented his latest works to the students.

Professor Zhao Yuzhong

Professor Zhao Yuzhong presented books to participants.

Participants visited and took a photo at the History Museum of Beijing Film Academy

With the successful conclusion of the nine special courses and the two seminars, the five-day workshop temporarily adjourned to a paragraph. At 6 p.m. of October 28, Peking University intellectual property entertainment law workshop graduation ceremony  was held at the Beijing Film Academy movie story bar. Yang Xiaolei, Vice Dean of Peking University Law School, Zhang Ping, Associate Dean of School of Intellectual Property of Peking University, Zhao Yuzhong, Professor of Beijing Film Academy, GuiJia, Partner of Global Law Firm and Entertainment Law and all participants attended the graduation ceremony. The ceremony was presided over by NianYijia, the Director of the National Cooperation Office of Peking University.

First of all, guests and students watched a special commemorative video for the seminar produced by Peking University Law School and recalled the rich learning life of five days.

NextGuiJia were on the stage to congratulate the students to successfully complete their studies, and also meet new friends and open up new business. Teachers were expected to have more opportunities to communicate and collaborate with practitioners in more areas and to promote the development and progress of IP entertainment law.

Professor Zhang Ping

Professor Zhao Yuzhong

Lawyer GuiJia

Furthermore, Chen Ping, Yu Li, Yang Ke-ruo, Wang Hong-ling, on behalf of participants, came to the stage to share the harvest and expressed their thanks to the knowledge and rigorous scholarship attitude of teachers, the staff's preparation and hard work and the support of the Seminar. They wished the entertainment law course of Peking University Law School to be better and better.

Finally, Yang Xiaolei, vice president of Law School, gave a speech. President Yang expressed his congratulations on the successful completion of the trainees. He pointed out that the ultimate goal of the Beijing University Law School is to create an exclusive legal platform for legal professionals to build a real legal community, In order to promote China's rule of law construction process and contribute to the development of the legal profession. In the end, President Yang wished the students in the future cause of success, hoped that we continue to concern and support Peking University Law School.

Vice President, Yang Xiaolei

Till now, the first session of Peking University Intellectual Property Entertainment Law Workshop has been successful concluded. At present, Peking University Intellectual Property Entertainment Law Workshop has begun to design and prepare for the second course, to introduce more international perspective, the times cutting-edge and cross-cultural exchanges. Peking University intellectual property rights of entertainment law cultural groups have been initially established, well developed, and becoming an important part of the Peking University legal community in the future, for the construction of legal culture and promote the development of China's rule of law development and dedication!

Student registration

Student Signing in

Participants asked questions to the professor

Participants asked questions to the professor


Participants discussed questions with the professor

Participants discussed questions

Translated by: Wang Cong

Edited by: Yang Zhe