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PKULS Held Fifty-fourth Academic Salon Successfully

On October 28th 12:00, Peking University Law School held fifty-fourth academicsalonsuccessfully.The theme of salon was“corporate control lever and corporate governance”and A.P.Lin Yuxin of the HongKong City University Law School was the speaker.It was chaired byprof.GuoLi , vice president of Peking University Law School. Dozens of teachers and students participated in this salon.


First of all, Lin Yuxin teacher introduced the concept of control lever, and said that the dual ownership structure could make the founder have greater control.She elaborated on the double ownership structure. Taking the international competition of the stock exchange as an example, sheexplained that the double ownership structure helped to encourage innovation and provide financial support for entrepreneurs. At the same time, Lin YuXin teacher pointed out that although the phenomenon of company control lever was very common, in the current practice, its regulatory structure still had not been unified.


Subsequently, Lin Yuxin from the economic analysis and empirical analysis of the two sides demonstrated the company control lever.She argued that the empirical study concluded that companies with a double shareholding system had lower value than the pyramid-based companies.Whereas from the perspective of contract theory,control lever could be seen as the freedom of corporate autonomy, its main role was to control the conflict between shareholders and external shareholders.


After that, Lin Yuxin said that he wanted to find the best management system, which could strengthen the participation of shareholders. She also hoped that institutional investors could play a greater role in corporate governance, and set up corporate control structure to limit shareholders and maintain a balance of rights under the framework of a double shareholder system.


Finally, Lin Yuxin teacher concluded that companies should return the right to shareholders and design system to help shareholders to play more supervisory functions, which could make a better contribution to the company. After the completion of the report, it was the Q & A session.Lin Yuxin teacher and students had deep discussions.


In this academic salon, Lin Yuxin teacher introduced the relevant concepts, theoretical value and methodology around the theme "corporate control lever and corporate governance". It provided a useful idea and had a great value in the construction of corporate governance model.




Translated by: Yang Yang


Edited by: Yang Zhe