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PKULS Retired Teachers Symposium Held Successfully

At 10:00 am on October 26th, 2016, PKULS retired teachers symposium was held successfully in Room 303 of Koguan Building. Dean Zhang Shouwen, Party Secretary Pan Jianfeng, Deputy Party Secretary PuWendan and more than 20 retired teachers attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Prof. Pan Jianfeng.

First of all, Prof. Pan Jianfeng introduced the development of school and pointed out that PKULS had strong teacher strength, high teaching quality, and many scientific research and academic writings.He stressed thatPKULS attached great importance to the construction of talents, scientific introduction of talents, balanced distribution of subjects and reasonable age structure. At the same time, he pointed out that cultivating outstanding students was always the purpose and objective of PKULS, graduate students had good performance in alumni feedback, employer evaluation and published research influence and PKULS always maintained the first of domestic law schools in the QS World University Ranking.He said that the school would continue to strengthen international construction, establish long-term contact with foreign high-level universities, and provide students with a broader platform.

Subsequently, Dean Zhang Shouwengave a speech. He expressed his heartfelt condolences to all retired teachers and stressed that their hard work on the job had made a significant contribution to the teaching construction and personnel training of the school, and they also made remarkable achievements in academic research. He said the school would always be a warm haven and spiritual destination for them and hopedthem go back home often.

After that, Party Secretary Pan Jianfeng and Deputy Party Secretary PuWendan introduced the pension reform, teacher pre-employment system, the management model and the collective activities of retired teachers, and gave answers to the questions raised by the teachers. The participating teachers enthusiastically participated in the discussion. They expressed their pride and gratitude to the achievements made by law school in recent years and put forward their own views and suggestions on the thinking of talent cultivation,the workload of teachers, the construction of teaching staff and the improvement of teaching level. They hoped PKULS will continue the fine tradition and create more great glory. The meeting in a warm atmosphere lasted for more than two hours. Finally,they took a group photo together.

The retired teachers symposium provided teachers with a chance to communicate with each other and enhance their feelings. It also strengthens the connection and emotion between the teachers and PKULS. At the same time, it provided a new train of thought for the college's talent cultivation and teacher building, which has a positive significance to the college’s sustainable development and long-term construction.

Translated by: Li Can

Edited by: Yang Zhe