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Dean of BergenUniversityLaw School visited PKU Law School

On October 25, 2016, Dean of Bergen University Law School Asbjorn Strandbakken, Deputy Dean Berle-Elen R. Konow, Bjørnar Borvik, Director of Student Affairs Office Christine S. Olsvik, Director of Learning and Communication Center Andre Kvalvaagnes,  Director of Law School Office Øystein L. Iversen,Prof. Henry J. Maeland, Eirik Holmøyvik,Sigrid Eskeland Schütz,Knut M. Tande and Lawyer Paal-Henrich Berle visited Peking University Law School. Dean of Law School Zhang Shouwen, Party Secretary Pan Jianfeng, Deputy Dean Guo Li, Xue Jun, A.P. Jiang Su, Assistant Dean and Director of External Affairs Office Li Yuanyuan gived all the guests a grand reception. The two sides had a brief and constructive talk.

Peking University Law School signed a memorandum of cooperation and student exchange agreement with Law School of University of Bergen in 2014. In August 2015, Dean Zhang Shouwen visited Law School of University of Bergen. Cooperation between the two sides was consolidated.

Firstly, Dean Zhang Shouwen welcomed old friends and introduced all the attendees from PKU Law School.

Dean Asbjorn Strandbakken expressed his gratitude to Dean Zhang Shouwen and colleagues of PKULS. Exchanges between the two schools is an important way of cultural exchanges between China and Norway. Dean Asbjorn Strandbakken expressed that Law School of University of Bergen would send more students to Peking University for exchange learning, and he also welcomed more students from PKULS went to Norway for exchange programs.

Colleagues of Law School of University of Bergen introduced thenselves. Deputy Dean Berle-Elen R. Konow presented his contract law monographs to PKU Law School. Deputy Dean Xue Jun said that China was compiling the civil code so that the research of Prof. Berle-Elen R. Konow would be a great help. 

Then, Deputy Dean of Law School of University of Bergen Bjørnar Borvik gave a new suggestion. He said that Law School of University of Bergen was preparing to carry out the EU law project for Chinese students. The project has received financial support from the government of Norway, and will be officially launched in 2019. In addition, Law School of University of Bergen has launched a Chinese law course in Norway , which has received a lot of attention from Norway students. He hoped that more teachers from Peking University Law School went to Bergen to offer Chinese law courses.

Dean Zhang Shouwen agreed with the proposal and hoped that the two sides will be able to further refine the implementation of the project in the future. Deputy Dean Guo Li expressed his congratulation on the successful cooperation between the two sides. He said that both sides could set some pre-courses before the exchange. 

Finally, Dean Zhang Shouwen made a concluding statement, once again expressed the welcome to the guests and prospects for cooperation and the prospects between the two sides. 

After the talks, the guests from Law School of University of Bergen, accompanied by Assistant Dean and Director of External Affairs Office Li Yuanyuan, visited the law school library, Gridsum Courtyard and the campus.


Translated by : Zhou Wenhao

Edited by: Yang Yang