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"Peking University Law Encyclopedia" was published successfully

In 2016 April, the last volume of "Peking University Encyclopedia of law" was published, thus, all of the 9 volumes have been published. The encyclopedia consists of 9 volumes and 29 subjects, and more than 1030 experts have taken part in the compilation.The Encyclopedia is more than 1530 million words. Since the establishment of the editorial department in 1993, the work of writing lasts 23 years. The Encyclopedia is regarded as the only tool book, which is entirely led by the Law School. The publication of the encyclopedia has great value in promoting teaching and research in the law field.

The successful publication of Encyclopedia should be ascribed to the efforts of many people. Among them, Prof. Chen Shouyi, Gong Xiangrui, Gan Yupei, Rui Mu, Shen Zongling, Wang Tieya, Xiao Weiyun and Zhao Lihai, as well as Jin Ruilin, Kang Shuhua, Liu Shengping, Luo Haocai, Wei Zhenying, Yang Chunsxi and Zhang Guohua are all important founders of different disciplines in different periods.

During the editing process of the encyclopedia, the college and the school leaders gave great support. All of the editors made contributions to the improvement. Besides, Beijing University Press made the final publication. The editorial department of the encyclopedia served as the working organ of the editorial board and was responsible for the organization, editing and specific work of the book. The director of the editorial department was Prof. Wei Zhenying, Wu Zhipan, Zhu Suli and Prof. Zhang Shouwen. Prof. Jin Ruilin, Zhang Wen, Wu Shuchen, Zhou Wangsheng, Zhang Xiaoqin, Chen Xingliang and Yang Lifan severed as the deputy director of the editorial department successively.

Unlike the general tool books, the encyclopedia absorbs the strengths of works, textbooks and dictionaries, which fully expresses the theoretical system of the subject. It can be described as a broad and profound study of compact and profound.

Encyclopedia is an unprecedented compilation in the history of law, which is a combination of ideas and wisdom of many experts. It brings countless hard work and sweats together, reflecting the great efforts of the Peking University legal persons. We hope that the encyclopedia will play an important role in China's legal education and academic research.


Translated by : Zhou Qianyu

Edited by: Yang Yang