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Students of LL.M. Program Visited King& Wood Mallesons

Students of LL.M. program and some exchange students visited King& Wood Mallesons on October 21, 2016. The teacher Wei Xining and students arrived at the law firm at two o 'clock in the afternoon. Although it was rainy and cold, they all felt happy and warm.

Yao Lijuan and Yuan Min, experienced partners of cross-border mergers and acquisitions and foreign investment, introduced the origin of the law firm, the meaning of the logo, the national branches and the mergers and acquisitions of the law firm for foreign students and exchange students. The students were shocked by the rapid development of the law firm and the prosperity of China's lawyer industry.

Two partners’ explanation lit the passion of the students to further understand the King& Wood Mallesons. Then the relaxing and happy Q & A session came. Students from different cultural backgrounds and different countries asked their questions of interest. Some students were curious about the operating mechanism of the office in the United States. Some students were concerned about the overseas expansion of King& Wood Mallesons, while others wondered why King& Wood Mallesons did not establish branch offices in their countries. The partners answered the various issues of students patiently and had a pleasant conversation with the students. The atmosphere there was active and enjoyable.

After that, the students visited the workplace of the law firm. They were so touched by the friendly atmosphere of the workplace and humanized design of the office facilities that everyone said that they would be an intern in this law firm if given the opportunity.