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The 43th PKU Social Law Forum held successfully

 At 9:30 AM of September23, 2016, the "Social Polarization and Social Security Law of Japan" seminar organized by the Institute of Labor Law and Social Security Law of PKULS and the 43th PKU Social Law Forum were successfully held in Room 303, Koguan Building. Prof, Kikuchi, a member of the Social Security Committee of Japan's Hou Lao Province, the Chief of the Law Research Section of Waseda University, gave a lecture. Prof. Ye Jingyi, Director of the Institute of Labor Law and Social Security Law, PKULS, presided over the lecture and Dr. Wei Qian, Law School of China Institute of Industrial Relations was the commentator. In addition, Jiang Junlu, the lawyer of Jin Du Law Firm partner, Xie Zengyi, Director of Research Institute of Foreign Affairs of CASS, Prof. Tao Wenzhong, Capital University of Economics and Business Economics, assistant researcher Xiao Jing, Institute of Law of CASS, Postdoctoral Wang Tianyu, Tsinghua University Law School, Ye Shan teacher, Chen Yifeng teacher of PKULS attended the event.


 Prof. Kikuchi introduced the relationship between polarization and social security law in Japan from four aspects: the development of social security law in Japan, changes in legal personality, labor rights and the right to life, informal employment and social security law. Prof. Kikuchi pointed out that the employment model was often considered of the most important reason to cause the polarization of Japan, but it is difficult to accurately understand the polarization of Japan by just studying the Japanese social security law. Therefore, we need study the labor law, employment policy and social security law on Japan 's Polarization. With the diversification of labor relations and the emergence of various forms of informal wage labor, it is difficult to achieve the goal of solving social polarization if the social security of these informal employers is neglected. Therefore, we must pay attention to social security of various forms of workers to create a fair and just environment where each individual could pursuit freedom and independent from the perspective of labor law and social security law multi-dimensional structure. Everyone has a profound understanding on Japanese social security law theory and practice after listening the lecture.
During the interaction phase, there was a heated discussion on the social security construction of informal employers based on the relationship between labor law and social security law. The lecture lasted two hours and ended with a detailed and patient answer.

Translated by: Yang Zhe
Edited by: Yang Zhe