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Law School Held a New Term of the General Assembly

At 2:00 pm on September 8, Law School held a new semester of the general assembly in Koguan Building to arrange new semester related work. Dean Zhang Shouwen, vice president Wang Xixin, Yang Xiaolei, Xue Jun, vice secretary of Party committee Pu Wen Dan, Lu Jiang Nan and the faculty members attended the meeting which was held by the President Zhang Shouwen. At the meeting, President Zhang Shouwen introduced the whole work of this semester and vice president, deputy secretary introduced semester work planning and precautions respectively.

First of all, farewell retired teachers section was held by Secretary Pan Jianfeng. Three retired teachers QiaoCongqi, Jiang Ming'an, Wang Shizhou spoke in turn about the years of teaching experience and touching story, which expressed deep feelings of the College. Subsequently, Professor Zhang Shouwen and professorPan Jianfeng awarded certificates and flowers for the three retired teachers.


Subsequently, title assessment section was held by vice president PuWendan. And Chen Yifeng, Chang Pengao, Chen Yongsheng, Li Qicheng four teachers were in turn to speak. All the participating professors and associate professors participated in the vote.

After the assessment session, professorPan Jianfeng explained on the new semester teaching, courses and training program; At the same time, from the college party committee point of view, he further emphasized disciplines, hoping all faculty members, especially party members strengthen the sense of discipline.

Afterwards, vice president Xue Jun made arrangements for the relevant work in this semester and emphasized the importance of innovation and scientific research. What’s more , he encouraged the teachers to create a positive atmosphere for scientific research so as to better stimulate the vitality of scientific research. 

Subsequently, vice president Wang Xixin introduced the work of the College in undertaking foreign affairs visits, establishing international cooperation platform and exchanging of visits. He pointed out that the College would continue to promote the work of comprehensive internationalization, broaden the international perspective, enhance the level of internationalization. 


Vice president Yang Xiaolei summed up the situation of administration, finance, alumni affairs, domestic cooperation, high-end training and so on. The college training and alumni work carried out smoothly as scheduled. Then he expained the recent financial system of the school in detail, emphasising the importance of financial rules and regulations. 


Deputy secretary Lu Jiangnan made a summary of student work and college information work. Then he introduced the 2016 class enrollment situation and reported the college information construction of the latest achievements. 


Deputy secretaryPuWendan introduced the status of title assessment and follow-up work. And he explained the college personnel system reform in detail, encouraging teachers to participate in the relevant reform issues.

Finally, President Zhang Shouwen summed up all aspects of college affairs and carried out a unified arrangement. Emphasizing the importance of innovation and scientific research, he also expressed that we should pay attention to the system, to reform, to new development and new situation. We were supposed to try our best to achieve better in the new academic year.

This meeting was coming across the thirty-second National Teachers' Day. Blessing all the teachers happy! 

Translated by: Yang Yang

Edited by: YangZhe