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The 10th Admission Anniversary of PKULS 2006-Grade LL.M Held Successfully

Ten years have passed quickly, on September 24th, 2016, 2006-Grade LL. M of PKULS met again at Koguan Building. They reviewed the friendship between teachers and students and felt the change of this university.

Dean of PKULS Prof. Zhang Shouwen, vice dean Yang Xiaolei, teacher delegate Wang Hui, Alumni Office Director Dang Shuping and assistant Lu Xinxin attended the commemoration and spent unforgettable time with students together.

With a soft song and a short video, alumni got into their memory of ten years ago, when they were young and full of youthful spirit. Now they are still full of energy and become elite of all kinds of areas. The students have improved themselves, so has the PKULS. Dean Zhang Shouwen produced the progress that PKULS has achieved and thanked the support of all the alumni.

Vice dean Yang Xiaolei said that Peking University was always the home for everyone and welcomed all the students to go home. Dang Shuping invited all the alumni to work together and create a better tomorrow. Wang Hui wished all the students keep health and have happy families.

The relationship between teachers and students is unforgettable. Delegate of Students gave their teachers elegant gifts to express the appreciation. One of the alumni gave two books of himself to the library of PKULS. Students talked freely about their friendship and shared experience of life and work. They expressed their love to law school and hope to help their school to become better.

Finally teachers and students took photos in front of Kaiyuan building. This memorable commemoration ended with smile of alumni.

Translated by: Yang Wanyi

Edited by: Yang Zhe