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Seminar on “basic labor rights and development of Chinese labor law” successfully convened

On Sep. 4, 2016, Seminar on “basic labor rights and development of Chinese labor law” and the new book, “Implementing Fundamental Labour Rights in China: Legal Architecture and Cultural Logic”Springer2016 launching press conference were successfully convened at PKULS. This seminar was sponsored by Institute of Labor Law and Social Security Law, PKULS and Institute of International Law, PKU.  More than 20 scholars from PKULSLaw School of RUCInstitute of Labor and Human Resources of RUC, THULS, CASS, China Institute of Industrial Relations, law department of China Youth Politics College , Beijing Foreign Studies University Law School , law school of Central University of Finance and Economics, law school of Capital University of Economics and Business attended this seminar.

Prof. Ye Jingyi conducted the seminar. Prof. Zhang Shouwen, Dean of PKULS and Tim DeMeyer, Secretary of Beijing Office of the International Labor Organization were invited to make the opening speech. Dean Zhang Shouwen delivered a warm welcome to the distinguished guests from all over the world. He pointed out that the topic of the meeting showed the significance of assuring the basic labor rights in the condition of the new economic norms. At the same time, Dean Zhang expresses high comments on the cooperation of labor law and international law, and enhancing Cross - sectional study of different subjects. DeMeyer made congratulations on the publishing of the new book, analyzed the problems and achievements that China has when implementing the core laboring standards, and introduced the latest development of legislation by the International Labor Organization to the experts attending the seminar. Prof. Jia Junling pointed out that Chinese labor law legislation need to focus on the International Labor Organization and international labor law legislation, according to the stage of development. Prof.Jia hoped that via this seminar, international labor law legislation could be adopted into the field of labor law study.

Authors, including Prof. Chen Yifeng, Prof. Ye Jingyi, Prof. Xue Ninglan, Prof. Xie Zengyi, A.P. Yan Dong, made introduction of the new book and the theses of their own. The book “Implementing Fundamental Labour Rights in China: Legal Architecture and Cultural Logic” is one of the fruits of the project sponsored by The Finnish Academy of Sciences. The book is co-authored by Prof. Ulla Liukkunen of the University of Helsinki Law School and Prof. Chen Yifeng of PKULS, published by Springer Press early this year. Proceedings contain 10 papers from Chinese, Finnish, American and British scholars. Chinese scholars mentioned before have contributed important papers to the proceedings, discussing the implementation mechanism of labor law, the regulation model of collective labor relations, the sexual harassment in the workplace, and the account discrimination in employment. This book uses the fundamental labor conventions and fundamental labor rights as a reference system and a concept of inspiration from a practical point of view, hoping to understand the problems of the current Chinese labor law in the development and implementation process.

Then, during the group discussions, Prof. Chang Kai made a speech on the topic of "Basic Labor Rights and the Study of Chinese Labor Law". Prof. Chen Yifeng made an in-depth analysis of the historical origin and legal nature of The Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work. After that, Dr. Jiang Junlu and Prof. Lin Yanling made comments combined with their statements.

In the free discussion stage, other participants had also talked freely and shared their ideas. The participating scholars has given their general affirmation to this book, believing that this book showed the in-depth study on the implementation of the ILO's basic labor rights in China and gave pioneering voice from international perspectives in China's labor law research.

Finally, Xie Zengyi, Director of Research and Foreign Affairs and Prof. Ye gave closing speeches. The conference is also a part of "Globalization of the ILO and its labor legislation and the improvement of China's labor law research" sponsored by the National Social Science Fund Project. The conference was a complete success.


Translated by: Yang Zhe

Edited by: Yang Yang