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2016 Welcome Ceremony of law school held successfully

On September 6th and 7th, Law School held a welcoming ceremony at Koguan Building. The Dean of Law School Zhang Shouwen, the Party Secretary and Deputy Dean Pan Jianfeng, Deputy dean Guo Li, Vice Party Secretary Lu Jiangnan, Rao Geping, Bai Jianjun, Liang Genlin, Wang Jiancheng, Liu Yinliang, Zhao Xiaohai, Chang Peng’ao, Li Honghai, Xu Defeng, Hong Yanrong, Ye Shan, Hou Meng, Jiang Su, Liu Zhewei, Gao Wei, He Jian, Chen Zhihong, Nian Yijia, Li Yuanyuan, Shi Shi, Dong Binyu, Hou Le, Fu Chengyu were present at the ceremony. All 2016 freshmenattended the ceremony, which was hosted by Prof. Pan Jianfeng.

The Ceremony began with the speech of Prof. Pan Jianfeng. As the representative of law school, Prof. Pan offered congratulations and gave a warm welcome to 179 Bachelors, 95 legum Magisters, 52 Doctors of laws, 232 juris Masters, 51 Masters of laws and 26 foreign students of Chinese law. Prof. Pan said, the previous glory already passed away and encouraged students to take efforts to study from then on.

At the ceremony of September 6th, Liu Zhewei made a speech as the representative of the teachers. He hoped that all of the students can stay curious and keep exploring. Besides, he stressed that students should stick to the belief in law, and never give up the initial faith.

Jiao Wenjuan, juris master of 2014, made a presentation as the representative of undergraduates. She hoped that students put study at the first place, learn to reflect on what's learned and not live down to the identity of PKUers. She finished her speech with“Remember the starlight inside your eyes”.

Yang Wanyi, juris Master of 2016, made a presentation representing the freshmen. During the speech she talked about her volunteering experience and shared us with her thoughts and feelings, it was the responsibility and sense of destiny of the law school that motivated her to pursue the law, she said.

You Jin, Master of Chinese law, made a speech as a foreign student. He found Chinese culture broad and attractive, and he would take advantage of the great atmosphere and resources to study.

On the ceremony of September 7th, Prof. Xu Defeng made a speech. He insisted that importance should be attached to the value rules of law, practical experience and long-term study of relative problem can help the students solve conflicts between different values. He encouraged students to come up with questions and solve problems.

Hu Shixue, Doctor of law of 2014, made a speech representing the undergraduates. She shared a lot of experience with new students. She thought students should develop the ability of observing, keep curious, have an open mind and devote themselves to what they truly loved.


Chen Tainan, bachelor of 2016, made a speech representing the freshmen. He appealed students to have concern on the outside world, which was also the spirit of Peking University.

The dean of law school, Prof. Zhang Shouwen made a speech with the topic “Youth and Time”. He recalled the different experience of young people during different history phases. He thought the destiny of young people is to improve the social situation and solve present problems. He pointed that everyone should combine personal goals with national goals. At last, he encouraged students to hold on to their ideals and work hard to make contributions to our country and society.

The welcome ceremony of law school came to end with applause. This annual celebration is a start point at the road of pursuit of freshmen. The arrival of freshmen infuses new energy to our school. We believe that they can undertake the great mission of pursuing truth and developing law.

Translated by: Zhou qianyu
Edited by: Yang Yang