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[reproduced] the first Seminar class of Peking University International Engineering Law was set up

Source: People's Daily September 20, 2016


On September 24, the establishment of the first Peking University International Engineering Law Seminar class was celebrated at Peking University Law School. The first batch of students from famous state-owned enterprises, famous law firms, famous institutions and other related fields gathered in Peking University Law School. In the next nine months, they would explorebasic legal and substantive issues together in the areas such as international engineering law and “the Belt and Road Initiative”.


It was learned that the seminar classwas the first one in the field of international engineering law, in order todevelop legal talents and management leaders for the Chinese international engineering and legal community, also to create the world's first international engineering law subject.


Zhang Shouwen, dean of the Peking University Law School, said in his opening speech that international engineering law was particularly important under “the Belt and Road Initiative”. The supply side of the structural reformwas important not only for economic development but also for legal education, which made the raise of the high-end talents more important in relevant areas. Zhang said that the international engineering law itself was very complex. Even in the domestic projectsit would face a lot of risk, in foreign countries,it would encounter more problems. These external factors and the risks caused by these external factors were all aspects of our consideration, which required different arrangements in the international coordination. Therefore, the study of international engineering law was particularly important.


Shao Jingchun, Peking University Law School Professor,said over the opening ceremony, that in the history of national higher education, there had never been a systematic international engineering law teaching project. Under the background of “the Belt and Road Initiative”, Peking University Law School made the first try to set up the innovation project of international engineering law education. He also said that Peking University Law School was determined to use this project as a platform to cultivate high-end and pragmatic legal talents of China's international engineering law.


It was understood that the first workshop participants would learn for nine months, studying"FIDIC contract analysis", "WTO law rules and practices", "international engineering contract conditions", "international engineering contract legal system" , "International project risk management", "international project tax planning legal affairs", "maritime Silk Road and maritime law practice" courses. In addition, the teachers of the first training classwere also highly talented in this area, not only including thefamous experts and professors in domestic legal education session, such as Guo Yu, Liu Dongjin, Shao Jingchun, Wang Hui, Yin Tian, Zhang Zhiyong, but also inviting Breyer Wolfgang, Chairman of the Engineering Law Association, John Bishop, a leading practitioner of construction law (including controversial and non-contentious issues), René A. Pfromm, the Law ClinicProfessor of University of Bonn, Hamburg Law School and German University of Administrative Sciences Speyer, Dr. Jun Du,General Manager of Zhongda Insurance Brokers Co., Ltd., Certified Insurance Broker of the CIRC,Tao Jingzhou,a famous lawyer in the International Commercial Arbitration and International M & A Fields, Wang Jun, Professor of School of Law, University of International Business and Economics, Zhao Dongfeng , Member of the Management Committee of International Engineering Law Association, Zhao Hong, a senior researcher at the Institute of International Economic Law, Peking University, and other renowned international experts for students.


Translated by: Wang Mi

Edited by: Yang Yang