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2016th Graduation Ceremony of Law School Held Grandly

2016th Graduation Ceremony  of Law School  Held Grandlyat 9:30 am, on June 24th, in the Peking University Hall. Wang Jialu, partner of Beijign Commerce and Finance Law Office, Yang Fushen, Human Resources Manager of Zhonglun Law Firm, Zhang Shouwen, Dean of the Law School, Pan Jianfeng, secretary of the party committee and Deputy Dean of the Law School, Yang Xiaolei and Guo Pi, Deputy Deans of the Law School, Deputy secretary of the party committee, and other teachers of the law school, including Chen Xingliang, Baijianjun, Bai Jianjjun, Ganpeizhong , Wang Jiancheng , Wang Xin, Wang Jing, Wang Hui, ZhanZhong Lei, Fu Yulin, Jin Jinping, Chen Ruoying, Jiang Su, Liu Zhewei, Chen Zhihong, Dang Shuping, Feng Tailai, Shi Shi, Li Yankai, Wang Bingshan, Zhang Qunyuan, Lu Xinxin, attended the ceremony. All graduates of 2016 and some of their parents attended the ceremony as well. The ceremony was hosted by Professor Pan Jianfeng.

 Firstly, the host announced the beginning of the ceremonyand introduced the leaders and distinguished guests.

Then it came to  outstanding graduate award ceremony. Mr. Pan Jianfeng read the list of prize winning students. There were more than 90 students as municipal and university graduates  accept the award.


Secondly, Wang Jialu gave a speech on behalf of the ceremony guest. He throw the questions like “who we are”, “What we have known from the internship”.


Subsequently, law school professor Wang Xin, as a teacher representative, gave a speech. He congratulated the students that they had completed their education first, and communicated with the students about "ritual" and "law enlightenment" as a 1982 undergraduate alumni, affirmed the achievements and progress of the students had made in the last four years in all aspects. He also encouraged students to keep the mind after entering the society, and adhere to the most essential human value-independent thinking, rational analysis.

Thenrepresentatives of graduate students gave speeches separately. Diane Shayne Lipana, international students from the Philippines of class 2015 Master of Chinese Law, and Zhan Wanyu, undergraduate of class 2012, gave their speeches. They sharedtheir life of study in the law school with everyone, and expressed their acknowledgement for the professional ethics and kindness. They reinforced that they would pursue their dreams, strive to strode forward, and set standard in accordance with the identity of lawman of Peking University.


Eleven graduates including Fu Chengyu and Huang Yiwen sang a song named Life of No.5 of the Summer Palace, and brought special presents to the distinguished guests and teachers, thanking the kindness of teachers.

At last, Dean Zhang Shouwen gave his speech. He congratulated that they have completed their studies. He pointed out the convention that graduates from  Peking University boast the ability for cultural heritage, and asked graduates to keep the broad-minded spirits and pursue the telos of changing the world. He reinforced that people should abide by principles and orders, do good things instead of bad ones, and they need to keep in mind that wherever they are, they should not forget the liability and mission as a graduate form Peking University.

The graduates of  2016 may never forget about the instructions given by the teachers, experiences shared by the alumni, and the sincere words from their classmates.  Lastly, the ceremony ended in a satisfactory way.

Translated by: Wang Cong
Edited by: Yang Yang