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The 2ndPeking University Law School Talent Salon Held Successfully

At June 5th 2:00 pm, the 2ndPeking University Law School Talent Salon startedinthe PKU Law School Student Club. TangChenghui,Partner of Jones Day LLP Beijing Representative, Zhao Lei, Executive Manager of Jones Day LLP Beijing Representativelawyer of O’Melveny & Myers LLPQian Wei, deputy party secretary of Peking University Law SchoolLu Jiangnan, Communist Youth League secretary Shi Shi, directors of career guidance office Hou Le and Li Yanlai attended the event. Some alumni who had rewarded the Jones Day International Legal scholarship, O'Melveny & Myers legal scholarship and Baker & McKenzie scholarship came back to law school and participated in the event. The director of law school career guidance office Hou Le hosted this salon.

First, the hostHou introduced the guests. Subsequently,Lu Jiangnan expressed the warm welcome. He noted that the Peking University Law School Talent Salon is a series of activities in recent years. This is a new project for innovative employment guidance, which aims at strengthening exchanges between students and outstanding people in law. PKULS hopes to promote better delivery of excellent Peking University legal talent to the public.

After that,TangChenghui andQian Wei delivered the speeches on "how to be a good lawyer."Tang pointed out that to become a good lawyer must first have the correct values and the rule of law feelings; second, we must thoroughly grasp the professional knowledge, and actively cultivate interdisciplinary thinking, forward-looking strategic thinking and good social skills; in addition, good health for work heavy lawyers are also extremely important.

Qian Wei stressed that a good lawyer should have the basic quality, shouldwork hard, think and ask more, enhance communication opportunities for contact with the best lawyers and elite customers; what’s more, we must constantly update professional knowledge at work accumulated practical experience, enhance theverbal communication and written ability; in addition to a separate speculative thinking, habits, multi-angle to consider the issue is also important; and finally, a good lawyer must have good resilience and love and enjoy their work.

In the part of free speech, the award-winning alumni from different fields presented their own experience, and personnel training and career planning. Li Lei stressed that the law school alumni are good at shaping their way of thinking. And combined with his double degree in economics elective experience, he encouragedstudents to seek their own interest. Liu Han encouraged students to learn professional knowledge, but also need to learn the seemingly "useless" things. Liu Xiao share his experience of studying abroad, and highlighted the excellence, the pursuit of excellence importance for the legal profession.Hu Shuoye emphasized the importance of professional interest, but also reminded the students carefully plan their careers. Yan Tian and Peng Chun shared with his own learning experience and encouraged students to actively learn from the example of the other students. Jia Xiaotongstressed that students do not have their own abilities too demanding, and should be brave enough to love their love in the future work.Qian Yuanyuan is a judge of the court and she suggested the students make their own proposals and career choices. Yu Feng shared hiscareer planning combined with professional orientation and selection of relevant experience.Wang shared with herown experience in learning and work, stressed the importance of passion and sincerity. Liu Zhixin pointed out that future work needs to make up for their lack of a positive self-improvement and enhance the comprehensive ability.

The Talent Salon aims to build the community platform between outstanding law school graduates and students, hoping to give the students an effective guidance and advice to enhance the students understanding of the substantive work and understanding. This is important for law school students practice and career planning.

Translated by: Deng Bowen

Edited by: Xia Jing