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New Achievements for PKULS “Second Classroom” Practical Education

Since the 2016 spring semesterlaw school continue to promote the growth and success of the “Second Classroom” plan. Recently, “PKULSers” shew outstanding talents in competitions held within and outside the campus.

Accomplishments on Practical Teaching:

Since 2016, the law school team participate in international competitions of professional practice class achieved many impressive results. Peking University Law School students team won the division title at the 56th Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition and the Finals four games to round-robin victory record among the world's first eight. Law school 2012 undergraduate team members Zhang Wan Yu won the "World Top 100 Oralists" (the world's hundred best debater) title, which ranked 38th.

Peking University Law School students team achieved excellent results in the Thirteenth Willem C. Vis (East) International Commercial Arbitration Moot. Team members Master of Law in 2014 Chen Xue won the Honorable Mention For Best Oral Advocate award.

Peking University Law School students team participated in the team at the sixth Asia-Pacific M & A contest for best analog acquisition program, the best M & A team pleadings and best runners-up three awards. Team members 2015 Master Jin Xueer get best player award.

Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition, Peking University team photo

Willem C. Vis (East) International Commercial Arbitration Moot Peking University team photo

Asia Pacific M & Simulation Racing Peking University team photo

Achievements in Sports Competition

Since 2016, law students got great grads in various sporting events. The Law school 2012 undergraduate Ding Liren won this round-robin in third place at the Corus Tournament in January, becoming the first summit in the history of Asian chess rating throne of Chinese players. May 8 afternoon, Ding Liren 1 win 3 draws record, successfully defeated the same rating among the world's top ten top US grandmaster Su Weili, has won bright • 2016 Sino-US summit champion chess master.

In the 23th Peking University Sports Culture Festival and the 2016 Track and Field Meet, Peking University in 2016 school year " Master's and doctorate Cup" basketball finals, the Law School team won the championship again after all these years. In the 2016 "PKU Cup" in all competitions, the law school badminton and volleyball get great grads.

Outstanding Performance in Art

May 22, 2015--2016 Annual Peking University campus ten singers contest at Khoo Stadium. 2013 undergraduate Chen Mengjiao and Yu Jiahao, 2014 undergraduate Wang Qiyuan, 2015 undergraduate Fan Yueying from more than a hundred players come to the fore, to enter the final. Eventually Fan Yueying by virtue of the "Mayi pull Variations", "She is my sin", "Phantom of the Opera" three songs portrait of interpretation, won the top ten singers contest runner-up.

"Best singer" player Chen Mengjiao and Yu Jiahao

"Best singer" players NoS combination

"Best singer" player FanYueying

“Second Classroom” Growth program aims to develop a sound personality of students, enhance the overall quality of students in shaping the perfect personality to stimulate creative potential, sense of innovation culture has played an irreplaceable role in law school personnel training system is indispensable part of the outstanding legal talent training plan development and building a world-class law schools continue to make new contributions.

Translated by:Gao Jian
Edited by:Xia Jing