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Real Estate Law Research Center Spring Forum Ended Successfully

2016 Peking University Real Estate Law research center spring forum was hold successfully in the Report Hall of Koguan Building on May 28th. The theme of this forum is "real estate financing - innovation, practice and challenge", academics, judges, lawyers, bankers and other guests who come from the academic and practical departments participate in the theme of speech and comments.

Prof. Pan Jianfeng, Party Secretary of PKULS, pointed out that with the development of social and economic development, real estate has been a hot issue in social life. Peking University Law School established the real estate law research center in 2003, teacher Lou Jianbo was director, the center carry out a lot of works this years, and has made a series of fruitful results in teaching and research. The topic of this year's spring forum is real estate and internet finance, which is a comprehensive and very important legal issues, and because of this, not only legal persons, but also other financial circle of guests participated in the forum for discussion. Secretary Pan Jianfeng representative Peking University Law School to give thanks to Deheng Law Firm and other teachers and students and people from all walks of life who support Peking University Law School.

The forum was divided into the following three sub topics:

The first topic of the forum is “real estate market and real estate financing innovation in new normal ". The second issue was “Asset Securitization and its application in real estate financing ". Third issue for "real estate financing in other legal issues". In the third issue, Deheng Law Firm representative Wu Juanping, Vanke Group chief legal adviser Yan Xueming explored this problem from many aspects.

In addition, the forum has also established the students report links, Graduate students of law from Peking University Real Estate Law Research Center were divided into three groups to give topic reporting.

Finally, director Lou Jianbo stressed that the real estate and financial was indivisible in the summary statement. Real estate finance has the problem of insufficient legal supply, so we need to work together in legislation, justice, practice and so on, to provide more effective legal supply for the market.

Translated by: Gao Jian

Edited by: Xia Jing