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LL.M. Students Visited Supreme People's Court

On May31st, under the guidance of Professor Jiang Su and Ms. Wei Xining, Chinese Law LL.M. Program students and UMKC summer school students visited the Supreme People's Court (SPC). The Deputy Directorof China Applied Law Institute FAN Mingzhiand Doctor ZhangXiaoligave them an excellent lecture.

Through the introduction to SPC by Mr. Fan, students learned the basic information about SPC, including the division arrangement of SPC, the function of SPC, the number of judges in SPC, the selection and appointment of judges, the judicial reform and the challenges faced by SPC nowadays.Then, Doctor Zhang gave a lecture as to the China's legal system. The content includes the rule of law in China, the trial system of China, the court system of China, and the basic principles of China judicial system.

After the lectures, students actively asked questions and discussed with the lecturers about the collective lawsuits, the selection and appointment of procurators, the case management, the application of constitutional law, the judicial interpretation, the web surveillance and so on. Mr.Fan answered with great patience and details.

The visit provides students the directly way to understand SPC. Also, it’s a good opportunity to have an in-depth study of China's judicial system. At last, group shot was taken to mark the occasion and the activity had been successfully concluded.