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Peking University law school-activity documentary of the first graduate student enrollment open day

May 2, 2016, the law school's first graduate student enrollment open day event held successfully in the report hall in Koguan Building. The activity demonstrated the spirit of Peking University Law school for nearly 200 students from all over the country, andachieved the students' positive response and sincere praise. Law school Dean Zhang Shouwen, Party Committee Secretary Pan Jianfeng, ViceDean Guo Li and more than 20 representatives of teachers from all 13 master secondary discipline , more than 30 in graduate students participated in the event, the assistant dean Yang Ming, Che Hao respectively served as the morning session chair and the afternoon session chair.

The activitywas comprised of three parts:overall appearance, enrollment information and academic lectures. The open day first introduced college’s talent training mode and results; then, encouraged students to actively apply for PKULS throughdetailed professional description by representatives of teachers; in the afternoon, teacher Su Li sharedhis latest research and close in-depth communicated with all the present students, let us fully enjoy the academic charm.

The morning events officially started at 8:30.Professor Guo Li first on behalf of the college welcome all the teachers and students.


Immediately after that, representative of the teaching staff from 13 Master of two disciplines respectively introduced inheritance, current situation and Enrollment situation of each specialtyIn turn.


The graduated alumnus’ sharing part followed. 96 alumni Liu Xiaochun, 03 alumni Luo Feng, 13 alumni Liu Han, respectivelyon behalf of the academic circles, legal practice and party politics, review their experience in the school and career path.


In a warm atmosphere,President Zhang Shouwen Walk onto the platformto sum up the morning speech. He pointed out that, historical heritage, first-class subjects and excellent students are essential toa school. He encouraged all the students to work hard, to realize the dream here.


In the midday hours,under the leadership of student volunteers, visiting students observe library lawin batches,feel the rich collection of resources and the first-class hardware facilities. They showed a great yearning for the good learning environment of the library law.


Afternoon sessions arrangement is Professor Zhu Suli’s academic lecture  entitled "country under the rule of law: from talking about the Institutional shaping ability of Measurement". After the end of the report, the presence of students asked questionsactively, and further exchange with Su Li about the content of the lecture.


At the end of the event, Professor Pan Jianfeng, Secretary of the Party Committeesummarizedthe whole open day activities. He expressed his gratitude and good wishes to the students who participated in the activities.


Thegraduate student enrollment and open day activities centralism to unfold the Style and pursuit of PKULS,andbuild a modern communication platform for the students who aspire to apply for our college.



Translated by:Gao Jian

Edited by:Wang Jinwang