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China Law Society Financial Law Solon Held Successfully at Peking University Law School

On April 28th, 2016 at 9 o'clock in the morning, China Law Society financial law solon (issue No. 1) was held at Peking University Law School. The topic is the Internet financial innovation and supervision. This is the first activity since China Law Society established the synergy mechanism of financial law research, which is organized by China Law Society, the Economic Law Institute, Peking University, Financial Law Research Center.



Professor Zhang Wenxian, vice president of the China Law Society, director of the Academic Committee, and Professor Zhang Shouwen, dean of Peking University Law School, vice president and Secretary General of the China Law Society Economic Law Research Society gave a speech at the opening ceremony.




The salon was chaired by professor Peng Bing, associate professor Hong Yanrong, Peking University Law School. Professor Wu Zhipan, executive vice president of Peking University, director of Financial Law Research Center, Professor Feng Guo, vice president of Wuhan University LawSchool, vice president of the Supreme People's Court trial supervision court, Professor Xu Duoqi, director of the Internet Financial Research Center of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Professor Liu Shaojun, China University of Political Science and Law, Peng Bing Professor, Peking University Law School served as guest speakers. Professor Xu Mengzhou, Renmin University of China, Professor Ceng Xiaoqing, Professor Xing Huiqiang, Central University of Finance and Economics, Professor Ding Ding, University of International Business and Economics, Professor Bai Jianjun, Professor Guo Li, Peking University Law School attended the salon and made a speech.




Internet financial innovation mode, illegal fund-raising and Internet banking, online payment mode of regulation, and P2P network credit supervision, public equity to raise the supervision of Internet financial innovation and regulatory issues were lively and fruitfully discussed.

After the keynote speakers, scholars launched a lively discussion on Internet financial innovation and regulation in some specific issues.



Finally, Li Shichun, director of the research department of China Law Society, made a brief summary of the solon.

Zhang Tao, deputy director of the research department of the China Law Society, researcher Wang Xiaohong, associate researcher Cao Fei, academic organization department also attened the solon. The entire solon lasted more than three hours, and ended in a pleasant and peaceful atmosphere successfully.


Translated by: Sun Jingwei

Edited by:   Wang Jinwang