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The 45th Academic Salon of Law School Held Successfully

On April 8, the 45th Academic Salon of Law School was held successfully in Koguan Building 307 room. The theme of this salon was "legal rule of gambling". It was presented by Law School Xu Defeng, and presided by Vice President of Law School Xue Jun. More than twenty teachers, including Dean of Law School Zhang Shouwen and Party Secretary Pan Jianfeng, attended the salon.

First, Vice-Professor Xu Defeng introduced the three different forms of gambling, and analyzed gambling from the viewpoint of socio-economy, and made further analysis about social gambling from both the positive and negative aspects. He noted that while gambling would result in a reduction in social wealth measured by the marginal utility, increasing social risk and expanding the impact surface, it also had positive effects on entertainment and manufacturing markets.

Subsequently, Vice-Professor Xu combined the above analysis of gambling and gave another definition of gambling —"objective uncertainty as the basis of property transfer " and "create additional risk". He believed that the regulation of capital market needed to prevent the negative effects of gambling. Because it was hard to identify gambling and non-gambling and was necessary to keep capital markets exist, the market needed the system to regulate. After that, he gave an brief analysis and interpretation on insurance transactions, trading in Cultural Property Exchange, lotteries and other social phenomena.

Finally, the participators Chen Ruoying, Jin Jinping, Deng Feng and Liu Yan asked some questions on science and social studies and law doctrine studies of gambling. Xu Defeng answered relatively. Professors further heated discussion on the definition of gambling, differences speculation and investment. Thus, the event ended.

During the salon, Vice-Professor Xu Defeng introduced gambling from the perspective of social science. He pointed out that we must base on our current social phenomenon to analyze gambling regulation. The salon promoted academic exchanges between teachers and helped fellow teachers have a new understanding of gambling, and also provided a guideline for China’s legal regulation on gambling.


Translated by: Li Rui

Edited by: Tian Yajuan