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The 32th Boya Public Law Forum of PKU Held Successfully

At 19:00 on April 13,2016, sponsored by Peking University Constitution and Administrative Law Research Center,the 32th Boya Public Law Forum of PKU was successfully held at law school KoGuan Building Room 307.Peking University International Relations School professor and director of China and the world research centerPanWei,delivered a speech entitled "Thoughts and Methods of Governing the Country”. The forum invited Tsinghua University Law School professor Lin laifan. It was hosted by Peking University Law School professor Chen Duanhong,Peking University Law School professor Guo Li and Yi Ping attended the forumand more than 100 teachers and students from the capital's universities and research institutes attended the forum.



On the forum,professor Pan Wei elaborated thoughts and methods of governing the country from five aspects,the first was from epistemology, the second was thoughts of the current economic,the third was political issues,the fourth was social problems, and the fifth was the ruling party.



In the council session,Professor Lin laifan held that the report had a distinct characteristic of anti-capitalist, anti-Western and anti-Rule of Law, and made a wonderful comment.He also put forward his own different opinions.



The audience and guests conducted in-depth discussions andexchanges. The forum lasted two and a half hours and ended in bursts of applause.

Translated by: GaoJian

Edited by: Li Rui