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The 43th Academic Salon of Law School Held Successfully

On March 29th, the 43th academic salon of law school was held successfully at Koguan Building 303 room.Professor He Qisheng of Wuhan University Law School  was invited as the speaker. The theme of this salon is the reform of the judicial power of the great powers and the international civil procedure of China. Professor Xue Jun, Vice dean of Law School, presided over the salon.And Professor Zhang Shouwen Dean of Law School, and about 20 teachers attended the salon.
First, Professor He Qisheng simply introduced the current situation of China's judicial and civil litigation reform. Then he put forward the problem of judicial localization and globalization.
Then, Professor He Qisheng demonstrated that the basic principles of China’s civil procedure law and the basic framework have been finalized. He believed that the international civil litigation system has failed to respond to the development of contemporary Chinese Society. And the concept of fuzzy sovereignty and fixed thinking has restricted the innovation of the system, leading to the lack of consciousness of the judgment global flow in judicial cooperation. We should recognize its harmfulness and understand the principle of mutual recognition.
After that, he further elaborated the great powers of judicial philosophy. He explained the three important factors of competition, service and cooperation in the international civil procedure. He stressed that the global circulation has become the trend of the times, and the judiciary is an important competitive factor in the era of economic globalization. We should pay attention to the promotion of our own advantages, weakening the concept of sovereignty in civil proceedings. And we should join in the Convention on the choice of court agreement and the tide of Globalization.
Subsequently, the teacher put forward the direction of China's judicial in the international competition environment. He pointed out that China should have a higher vision, and become the center of international commercial justice on the basis of the Asia Pacific region maritime justice center. He stressed that China must change the concept of sovereignty, participate deeply in the formulation of international rules, and enhance the openness of international rules of civil procedure.
Finally, professor Shao Jingchun, Guo Yu, Xue Jun put forward the question,Professor He Qisheng answered these questions. This salon has promoted the academic exchange between Peking University and Wuhan University, which is helpful for teachers to understand the international civil action, and also provides a way of thinking for the development of international civil procedure.

Translated by: Sun Jingwei
Edited by: Deng Bowen