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The 36th Law School Academic Salon Held Successfully

On December9th, the 36nd Law School Academic Salon was held successfully at room 307, Koguan Building, themed “the implementation of the new administrative procedure law in China”. The speaker of this salon isResearcher Ma Ruixin, visiting scholar from University of Pennsylvania. Vice Dean Prof. Guo Li, Prof. He Weifang, Prof. Shen Wei and many other professors attended the meeting.

First of all, Ma Ruixin researcher listed the RhetoricalModification of China's Administrative Procedure Law Amendment 2015, and then translated them into English. Then, he showed his views on the judicial review and the judicial discretion. He pointed out that the reform of the registration system has a significant impact on the number of administrative proceedings. At last, he made a brief comment on the practical significance of the defendant in the court system and disclosure of government information.

Subsequently, the participating professors discussed the current situation and prospects of China's administrative proceedings and Ma Ruixin researcher answered the questions of them. The 36nd Law School academic salon held successfully.

This salon had a deep discussion on the new procedure law of China. The teachers contrasted our country's administrative litigation with the west’s, analyzing the internal logic of the amendment of the administrative law and reflecting the social reality of China's administrative litigation.


Translated by: Zhuang Muping

Edited by: Xia Jing