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PKULS Badminton Team Excelled in “De Heng Cup”

On Dec 27, 2015, “De Heng Cup” Badminton Tournament was held at the Century Hall Gymnasium,Renmin University of China, in which PKULS Badminton Team, Consisting of Prof. Wang Jiancheng, Prof. Zhan Zhongle, Prof. Li Honghai, A.P. Lou Jianbo, A.P. Wang Shekun, A.P. Liu Zhewei, A.P. Chen Ruoying, A.P. Ye Shan, took part.

Prof. Zhan Zhongle and A.P. Ye Shan entered quarter-final as Top 1 in their groups. Prof. Zhan Zhonglewon second place in the men’s singles final. A.P.Ye Shanmade the final eight.

In this tournament, PKULS Badminton Team made a historical breakthrough,leading a new fashion of health and sports in our school.

Translated by: Wang Houqiang

Edited by: Xia Jing



Photos of the game: