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The PKULS New Semester Work Conference Held Successfully

On the afternoon March 11th, the PKULS New Semester Work Conference was successfully held at the Lecturer Hall in (Leo) Koguan Building. Dean Zhang Shouwen, Party Secretary and Deputy Dean Pan Jianfeng,Deputy Dean Yang Xiaolei and Xue Jun,Vice Party Secretary Pu Wendan and Lu Jiangnan, and all the staff of Law School participated in the meeting. Dean Zhang Shouwen presided over the conference.

At the meeting, the school leaders made arrangements for the work of their own respective areas. Party secretary Pan Jianfeng illustrated the overall arrangement of the school, emphasized the guidance of the paper, enrollment, teaching and other basic work, as well as academic counseling system and personnel assessment work.

Deputy DeanXue Jun introduced the work of scientific research, and emphasized the subject of the scientific research work is to create a relaxed and free academic atmosphere, and he said this term will continue to hold academic salon, and finally he encouraged college teachers to declaration of academic issues.

Deputy dean Yang Xiaolei mainly introduced the administrative work in college, especially the college budgetary revenues and expenditures, and other aspects of the use of funds.

Vice party secretary Lu Jiangnan introduced students work and informationization work of this semester. He emphasized the revision of the students’ comprehensive quality assessment system, he said that we need to focus on the mental health status of students. Finally, he introduced the work which the teachers need pay more attention.

Finally, dean Zhang Shouwen made a speech, and introduced the important points of the work in this term and the convening of the ASLI meeting. He hoped that we can promote the development of the college combined with comprehensive school reform tasks.

Translated by: Tian Kun

Edited by: Li Rui