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The 42th Academic Salon of Law School Held Successfully

On March 18th 12:00, the 42th academic salon of law school was held successfully at Koguan Building 307 room. The theme of the academic salon is the criticize of system into objects in inheritance of law -- reflection on the system design of the judicial reform in modern china. Li Qicheng, associate professor of law school, served as speaker, and dozens of teachers participated in this activity.

First, Liqi Cheng teacher explained what is meant by "system into objects", and the three materials showed the misunderstanding in the modern process of judicial reform, that is not fully considering the national conditions and blindly copy. He pointed out the nature of the official in the judicial reform in the late Qing and the important influence of Japan in process of the inheritance of judicial system.

Subsequently, the teacher Li Qicheng recalled relationbetween the inherent governance and the judicature. At the same time, he said the judge how to maintain and strengthen the authority is directly related to our success or failure of reform ,which is the key of transformation of modern Chinese law.

After that, Li Qicheng teacher summed up the characteristics of system into objects in inheritance of law, and analysized deeply its causes. He criticized the mechanical copy outside the country, and called for the legal and legal areas should strengthen national consciousness.

Finally, in the free discussion session, the teachers had a deep discussion, and put forward questions and suggestions about the content of the teacher Li Qicheng . The Academic Salon of the ended in success.

Translated by: Sun Jingwei

Edited by: Tian Yajuan