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The 41th Social Law Forum Lecture of PKULS Held Successfully

On the evening of March 21st, the 41th Social Law Forum Lecture themed "Characteristics, Trends and Legal Regulation of Chinese Collective Labor Relations" was successfully held in Room 412 of the 2nd Teaching Building, organized by the Institute of Labour Law and Social Security Law Peking University. The lecturer was Professor Chang Kai, the director of the Institute of Labor Relations Professor of Renmin University of China, and Professor Ye Jingyi, from Peking University Law School, director of the Institute of Labor Law and Social Security Law hosted and gave reviews. The lecture attracted dozens of students.

With the theme of "Characteristics, Trends and Legal Regulation of Chinese Collective Labor Relations", the lecture deeply discussed about three questions, namely the different regulations of individual labor relations and collective labor relations, the characteristics of the collective labor relations in China, the development trend of China's collective labor relations and legal regulation. Professor Chang Kai pointed out that labor law corrects the properties of individual labor relations through the adjustment of collective labor relations so that the balance of the labor relations can be achieved. Our labor relations are adjusted by the individual and now gradually by the collective labor relations. There are two complementary forces and ways in this process: the first one is the top-down approach led by government and the second is spontaneous labor bottom-up approach. Legal regulation of collective labor relations should be based on three rights of labor to build the core of the legal system of collective labor relations, and on this basis to achieve coordinated development of labor relations through the interests of all parties. In addition, Professor Chang Kai also analyzed the concept of the theory and methodology of labor law, and the proposed expected future development of labor law subjects.

In the reviews and interactive part, under the auspices of Professor Ye Jingyi, the students were eager to speak and asked questions about the industrial unions and trade union, state-owned enterprise unions and private sector unions, rights disputes and interest disputes and other issues. Professor Chang Kai gave patience to answer. The lecture lasted nearly two and a half hours and ended in a warm atmosphere.

Introduction to Social Law Forum of PKULS

Peking University Law Society Forum is supported by Jia Junling Social Law Academic Fund of PKULS and hosted by Institute of Labor Law and Social Security Law of PKU. It is designed to demonstrate social law theory and practice of resent research results, including but not limited to academic conferences and seminars.

Translated by: Deng Bowen

Edited by: Tian Yajuan