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2016 Lie YangScholarship Award Ceremony and the Lecture Held Successfully

At 7:00 pm onMarch 17, 2016 Lie Yang Scholarship award ceremony and the lecture for the positioning and standards of legal services in criminal defense were held successfully in MootCourt of Koguan Building.Qian Lieyang - partner of Beijing East & Concord Partners, Yu Changhong - general manager of Shengshi Xinrui Scientific and Technological Development Co. Ltd teacher Lu Jiangnan - deputy party secretary of law schoolProf. Chen Yongsheng and Wang Bingshan - vice director of Student Affairs Officeas well as fifty law school students attended this activity, which hosted by Hou Yue from the CareerDevelopment Office.

First, Teacher Lu Jiangnan introduced that Lieyang scholarship was set up in 2004 and Zeng Yang added funds into it in 2015 and increased the number of students who could apply for it. He represented law school to express thanks to Qian Lieyang and Zeng Yang who set up the scholarship. In addition, he sincerely congratulated the students who got the scholarship.

Then, Qian Lieyang and Yu Changhong presented prize to the students who got the scholarship and took group photo with them as a souvenir. Chen Xiaohang who is a 2014 international law Master represented the students who got the scholarship to address a speech, he expressed thanks to the predecessors of law school for setting up scholarship and encouraging students to study, he also said that the students who got the scholarship would not let teachers down, harbor rule of law and sufficiently show the will and spirit of legal persons of Peking University.

After that, Yu Changhong and Qian Lieyang delivered a speech. Mr. Yu said that the original intention of setting up the scholarship was to cultivate talents, hoping the students in law school could expand their field of vision and contribute their strength to the society. Mr. Qian expressed congratulations to the students who got the scholarship and expressed the expectation of not forgetting initial intention and insisting on principle.

After the successful ending of the ceremony, the lecturefor the positioning and standards of legal services in criminal defense began. Lawyer Qian is the main speaker and Prof. Chen Yongsheng made the comment.

Qian firstly recalled his legal career and shared his experience in his work and study career. Afterwards, he analyzed the essential difference among judicial adjudication, class teaching of law school and legal service offered by lawyers. He pointed out that the standard and positioning of criminal defense lied in maintaining legitimate interests of clients in the largest degree through legal method. He also demonstrated his points through concrete cases, emphasizing that students who learnt laws should step out of the theories in textbooks, know reality of the society and conscientiously offer quality legal service. Prof. Chen made detailed and pertinent review on the lecture of lawyer Qian. He also imparted his own realization and thoughts about criminal lawsuit to the students. The students actively put forward questions and got the detailed explanation of the honored guests. The atmosphere was impassioned on the spot.

This Lie yang scholarship ceremony & criminal defense lecture deepens the friendship between lawyer Qian Lieyang and law school of Peking University and widens students' view filed. It is beneficial for encouraging legal students to lay good theoretical basis, cultivate feelings of law rules and deeply know the importance of the combination of theory and practice in criminal defense service. It has important significance to students' future legal practice and theoretical practice.

Translated by: Yu Ruonan

Edited by: Tian Yajuan