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The 39th Academic Salon of Law School Held Successfully

The 39th academic salon of law school was held successfully on December 30th at Room 307, Koguan Buiding. The theme of the salon was “Climate change and the Paris Agreement”. Professor Song Ying from Peking University Law School was the speaker.  other professors also attended the meeting.

First of all, Professor Song Ying briefly described the concept and the trend of climate change as well as the main source of greenhouse gases.

Then Professor Song Ying reviewed the international response to climate change measures and its time node, such as "Berlin license", such as the Copenhagen climate conference, concluded the Paris agreement. She introduced in detail the content of the "Paris convention". Professor Song Ying suggested that we should cope with climate change with the perspective of international law. Professor Song Ying summed up the climate change impact on international law.

Finally, the professor Wang Shizhou, Peng Bing and Xue Jun Ask questions on specific questions for example the equality and so on, Professor Song Ying also answer one by one.

In this academic salon, Professor Song Ying introduced the general situation of climate change and the content of the Paris Agreement, She compared the traditional international law and the rule of law in the Paris agreement. The salon will help teachers understand the Paris agreement and its mechanism represented by the international environmental law, it’s also in response to climate change rules of international law development provides a train of thought.


Translated by: Liu Tao
Edited by: Deng Bowen