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The 40th Social Law Forum of PKUHeld Successfully

At 19:00 on February 29, 2016, the 40th Social Law Forum of PKU &"Collision Between Labor and Economics--2015 Labor Hotspot Case Reviews" talk hosted by the Institute of labor law and social security law at Peking University law school was held successfully in Lecturer Hall in (Leo) Koguan Building. The lecture was delivered by the partner of Kindu law firm, Vice President of the China Law Society Jiang Junlu lawyer. Director of the Institute of labor law and social security law, Prof. Ye Jingyi was the host and reviewer. Hundreds of graduate and graduate students, doctoral students, labor law scholars and practitioners arrived at the scene to listen to this lecture.


On the basis of analysis about China current overall economic situation, Jiang Junlu lawyer discussednew problems faced by labor law adjustment with the background of excessproduction capacity, slowed economic growth and new established model of "Internet+" industry. He reviewedsystematically seven labor law hot eventsin 2015, such asTianjin Marina District explosion case, and Shanghai home vs. King Zhuo case, and shared economic modein Internet times, and official implementation of entire two-child policy, and global lay-offs. He also had in-depth discussion about the new issues involved in hot cases, such as labor security and health, labor relationshipof enterprise seniorexecutives, the identification of labor relationsin the new format, gender discriminationin workplace, and economic cuts. The lecture focused on the topic of "Collision between Labor with Economics", and showed us with the excellent analysis on many new problems of labor relationsadjustment under the circumstance of the new normaleconomics. The presenter’s rich practical experience and solid theoretical foundationhad left a deep impression on everyone.


Prof. Ye Jingyi made the commencement about the lectures, and teachers and students who came to hear the lecture enthusiastically questions, and discussed withabout domestic and international collective bargaining status, and protection for workers’rights in the reform of State-owned enterprises of mixed ownership. Jiang Junlu lawyer gave detailed responseswith his practical experience. Lecturelasted about 2. 5 hours, and successfully came to an end in a warm atmosphere.


Attachment: introduction to Social Law Forum of PKU

"Social Law Forum of PKU" is not organized on a regular basis, and supported by JiaJunling social lawacademic foundationof Peking University law school, and sponsored by the Institute of labor law and social security law. It aims to demonstrate the theoretical research and practical exploration on the frontier of social law. The forums are including but not limited toacademic conferences, lectures, etc.


Translated by: Li Rui

Edited by: Deng Bowen