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Law School Celebrated the Second Constitution Day

4th of Dec, 2015, is the second Constitution Day of China and the 15th National Legal Awareness Day.The theme is to promote the constitutional spirit, enhance innovation, coordination, eco-friendly awareness and share outcomes of development.PKU Law School organized series of learning activities in order to propagate constitution.

From Dec.3rd to Dec.5th, PKU Law Aid Association organized activities targeting at raising public awareness of law in the campus.The activities attracted students by several interesting games. Students who chose the right answers could get a small present and a pamphlet concerning about constitution made by PKU Law Aid Association elaborately.

Besides, PKU Law Aid Association co-organized activities about forbidding drug use with Beijing Justice Bureau and Beijing Educational Base of Forbidding Narcotic & Hallucinogen.

Except for organizing activities inside the campus, PKU Law School also brought the activities into communities.At 9:00 am, 5th Dec, PKU Law Aid Association and University of International Business and Economics Law School held activities about legal awareness in Zhongguan Yuan Community

On 4th Dec, PKU Law Aid Association and members from the 14th workshop of Party branch secretaryvisited Haidian District People’s Court, hearing a case about contract disputes in the court.

On 3rd Dec, PKU Juris Master Union, organizing 30 students, visited Ying Ke Law Firm to enhance students’ legal practice skills.

At 14:00, 5th Dec, PKU Law Aid Association organized students to watch several legal movies in Room 527 in the Second Teaching Building. Three students shared their consulting experience after the movies.

From 1st Dec to 5th Dec, PKU Law and Policy Centre continuously publicized a series of articles about Constitutional Day via Wechat platform. Meanwhile, PKU Legal Postgraduates Union interviewed Professor Jiang Shigong, Professor Wanglei, Professor Zhang Qianfan, Post Doctorate Pengchun and publicized the interviews.

Through series of activities about Constitutional Day of China, Law School students grasped a deeper comprehension about constitution and law, a social reality and the construction of Rule of Law.

Translated by: He Xin

Edited by: Deng Bowen