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27th Boya Public Law Forum of PKUHeld Successfully

On the evening of November 12, 2015, sponsored by Peking University Constitution and Administrative Law Research Center,the 27th Boya Public Law Forum of PKU was successfully held at law school KoGuan Building Room 307.The theme of the forum was“Administrative Monopoly and the Reform of State-owned Enterprises”. The famous economist Sheng Hong was the guest speaker. Guests include Renmin University of China School of economics professor Tao Ran, Tsinghua University School of law professor He Haibo, Peking University School of law Professor Jiang Daxing.The forum hosted by the school of law professor Zhang Qianfan, more than 100 teachers and students from different colleges and universities participated in the forum.

Professor Zhang Qianfan introduced the guests attended the forum to the audiences, followed by the moderator of the forum theme introduction and interpretation.Professor Zhang believes that the reform of state-owned enterprises has been a main theme, the direction and the effectiveness of the reform of state-owned enterprises can affect millions of households. The reform of state-owned enterprises is not just an economic issue, but also the constitutional issues. The revision of the constitution involves the relative position between the state-owned enterprises and private enterprises. Therefore, the reform of state-owned enterprises is a very important issue in the constitution.

In the keynote speech session, Professor Sheng Hong provided the audience a very good report with detailed data, made a clear description of the profound consequences,of the state-owned monopoly to the whole society, especially the vast majority of victims. In recent yeas,the voice of the reform of state-owned enterprises are again rising.Professor Hong focused on interpretation of the reasons for the reform of state-owned enterprises can not move forward. How to position the role of state-owned enterprises? Should state-owned enterprises be private? Development of mixed ownership economy will have what kind of power and resistance? And other issues. On how to get rid of the monopoly, Professor Sheng Hong believes that state-owned enterprises should withdraw from the field of profitability, prohibit sector's legislation and establish a corresponding constitutional framework.With the existing constitutional and legal resources, activate the existing laws and regulations, clean up the unconstitutional and illegal monopolyformation.Professor Hong believes that People's Congress should abolish the unconstitutional and illegal law.

In discussionsession, several guests made wonderful comments on the report professionally. In particular, the reform scheme of "mixed ownership" is discussed in depth.

The forum from time to time triggered debate and chord among scholars, and was successfully concluded after three hours.


Translated by: Wang Houqiang

Edited by: Xia Jing