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2015 “Cross-straits Four Areas” Law Development Academic Seminar Held Successfully

On November 28th to 29th, sponsored by the Peking University Law School, the2015 “Cross-straits Four Areas” Law Development Academic Seminar was held successfully atLecture Hall,Koguan Building, PKU Law School. The theme of the seminar is "The Research and Globalization of Chinese Law". Professors and scholars of law from four places on both sides of the straits attended the seminar. There were three meetings about the present law and the frontier of the research.

In the morning of November 28th morning 9:00, the opening ceremony of the seminar was held at academic report hall in Koguan Building of PKU Law School, hosted by Xue Jun, vice president of the Law School of Peking University.

First, Prof. Pan Jianfeng, secretary of Party Committee and vice president of the Peking University Law School, made a speech. Professor Pan on the participants, and pointed out that today's China is in the social transition period, the need for advanced legal concepts to provide the development momentum, as a good legal person, should bear social responsibility, the current social issues for active academic exchanges and ideas, for China's legal system to make due contributions. In the end, Professor Pan Jianfeng wished the seminar a complete success.

The theme of the first session of the seminar is “The New Trend Of The Four Places On Both Sides Of The Strait”. The first unit was hosted by Taiwan area director Lin Ziyi legal, director of Taiwan Area Legal Academia.

First, Prof. Zhang Qi from Peking University Law School,gave the speech entitled with "The Use Of Similar Cases In Discussion Of The Judgment And The Guiding Case Report”. He said the key point of controversy of the case and the fact is an important basis for judging the similar cases, and it is pointed out that the legal precedent system in today's China's construction of a heavy and is of great significance. Subsequently, Liang Yingxiu, vice president of the Beijing Normal University law school as a professor, fully affirmed the great practical significance of the research field of Professor Zhang Qi.

ThenJian Zixiu, researcher of Taiwan Area Legal Academia Institute, made a speech themed"The Economic Interpretation: Legal Textbook Economics" in an academic report. He said that the book to explain the economic principle of economic phenomena of economic ethics, the study of legal economics has an important role. Dai Xin, associate professor of Ocean University of China, is proposed for empirical questions of law and economics, against the special theory and tautological methodology, human rights and the property distribution theory of thinking. The ideological confrontation between the two scholars got a warm response to the scene.

At break time, the scholars took a group photo in the west gate of Koguan Building. Scholars discussed in an active atmosphere.

Second section was hosted by Prof. Zhang Xianchu, professor of Hong Kong University Law School.

First of all, the Macao University Law School professor Tang Xiaoqing for "Sex, Marriage And Law" report, the people's rational and animal impulses, marriage contract basis, family and a husband and wife system three topics, from the legal sense of sex and marriage. Subsequently, Professor Xue Jun pointed out that the legal regulation of marriage rights in the marriage, and stressed that the marriage law system and civil law logic, and the value of love and legal system can not be confused.

After that, Professor He Xin of Hong Kong City University Law School on the relationship between the impact of China's judicial decision to report, the court of corruption in the phenomenon of thinking, put forward to focus on the higher relationship between the court and the reform of the system of professional, systematic reform. In this regard, Wang Qinghua, professor of Law School of China University of Political Science and Law highly appreciated the He Xin professor from the system, culture and other perspectives on the relationship between the problem and the study of the relationship through the relationship between the concept of the concept of learning, but also pointed out that the report may not be reasonable part of the report.

In the free discussion session, scholars have their different views, to report on proposed their own interpretations and reflections, and actively carry out exchanges, showing a brilliant academic confrontation, the scene atmosphere was lively and active.

In the afternoon of the same day, the second games continued, the theme of "civil law and the frontier of law economics".

Third unit by the Shanghai Jiao Tong University law school professor Zheng Ge as Moderator

First of all, Li Xueyao, Dean of the Shanghai University of Finance and Economics law school, reports on the property law of the law and economics of behavior. He described the behavior of the problem of property analysis of the five directions, and put forward some development issues and theoretical questions about the future. A brief comment from the perspective of the behavior of Professor Yang Ming from the Peking University law school.

After that, Professor Ding Li of Zhongshan University law school was the subject of the report of "system incentive, game equilibrium and social justice", from the perspective of game theory to explore a comprehensive pure jurisprudence. A brief comment on the Ocean University of China College of law and politics and vice president Sang Benqian.

Subsequently, the mulberry Benqian professor of the report about the "consequences, truth and 'exclude reasonable doubt", defined the concept of "truth" and "reasonable doubt". Talking with people in Taiwan "legal Academia Sinica Institute researcher Jane capital from the perspective of the situation in Taiwan to repair some brief comments.

In the discussion of free discussion, the scholars at the conference discussed the issues of the game theory, social justice and so on.

In the fourth unit, the Peking University law school professor Xue Jun as moderator. First by the Taiwan Academia Sinica Legal Deputy researcher Zhang Yongjian were about "the Chinese legislation of civil code of kindness made Fallon" report, expounds his understanding of the law of the. Talking with Chinese Youth Political College Law School professor Chen Xin asked about the difference between booty and stolen goods stolen, and virtual markets.

Subsequently, Professor Wang Wenyu, Professor of Law School of National Taiwan University, was the subject of "the contract law trilogy, in the center of the contract law", from three angles, the importance of contract interpretation. Han Shiyuan, Professor of Tsinghua University law school.

After that, Gao Wei, associate professor of the Shanghai Jiao Tong University, associate professor of the Internet dispute resolution for twenty years to develop a review and future report, focusing on the external ODR and endogenous ODR were compared. HouMeng, professor of Peking University Law School, put forward some suggestions and criticisms.


Free discussion session, report respectively to talking with people responded, Professor Zhang Yongjian, Professor HouMeng, Gao Wei, et al of stolen goods, and virtual market issues launched a heated discussion.

In the end, Professor Xue Jun's comments on the subject of this field, and to attend the meeting of scholars and professors expressed heartfelt thanks.

November 29th morning, the seminar fifth units and sixth units in the office of the office of the Kai Yuan to continue.

Fifth unit conference by the Renmin University of China law school professor Wang Guisong presided.

First of all, Jiang Yulin, a professor of law at the University of politics and law, was a report entitled "human dignity of the transplant and mixed life". Professor Jiang Yulin introduced the application of "human dignity" in the judicial practice in Taiwan area. And Professor Zheng Ge is a brief supplement.

Subsequently, to carry out a report on the 'formal equality' and 'substantive equality' language debate on "Taiwan academia sinica legal deputy director Li Jianliang. He explained in detail the definition of "equality", and emphasized the need to distinguish the source of inequality. Make a brief comment on people and Law School of Peking University postdoctoral Yan Tian.

After that, Wang Shizhou, Professor of Peking University law school, was a report on the subject of "the Chinese expression of modern law and its influence on the development of law". He pointed out that the legal language will guide the legal thinking, affecting the direction of legal development. Brief comments on Professor Li Jianliang.

Free discussion, many scholars on the theme of the above report to expand exchanges, a warm atmosphere.

The sixth unit, the meeting chaired by the deputy director of the Institute of law academia sinica Li Jianliang. First, Professor Zheng Ge has made a speech on the topic of "the right of citizenship in the context of the socialist rule of law". From the perspective of social transformation, the paper expounds the process of the construction of public rights in China from economic rights to political rights, from the right to the protection of the right to the protection of the right to the construction, and the further development of civil rights. ZhaiZhiyong and Professor Zheng Ge, associate professor of the Beihang University, exchange views.

Subsequently, Yan Tian's post doctoral "general theory of anti discrimination law": a report on the construction and reflection of the two countries, from the legislative idea, tort mode and value conflict resolution three aspects of China's current anti employment discrimination law. Huang Hui, Professor of Beihang University law school, and the school of law, from a comparison of the relevant legal framework and the integration of the integration point of view.

After Zhang Yongjian, Professor Dai "Academia Sinica legal associate Huang Chengyi were entitled" from path dependence perspective of Taiwan Administrative Procedure Law Reform and limitations "of the report. He introduced many theories of the field of administrative procedure law, and put forward his own views on the problem of path dependence in reality. Wang Guisong, associate professor of the Renmin University of China law school, has commented on this.

At 12:30, the closing ceremony of the seminar was held in the office of the office of the. Peking University law school professor HouMeng as Moderator.

First, "Academia Sinica legal wood instrument, director of the meeting concluded, of Peking University School of law, careful arrangements and warm reception to thank and expressed their feelings and Inspiration of the seminar.

Subsequently, Zhang Shouwen, Dean of the Peking University law school closing words. President Zhang Shouwen spoke highly of the role of the conference on the exchange of the four fields of the two sides of the Strait, and expressed his sincere thanks to the active participation of the experts and scholars, and I look forward to the next seminar to achieve greater success.

The four places on the two sides of the legal development of academic seminars covering many areas, the frontier issues of today's law and the latest development of the four areas of the law, and promote the exchange of ideas among scholars, but also on both sides of the exchange of communication and mutual understanding between the two sides of the Strait has played an important role in promoting.


Translated by: Liu Xin

Edited by: Xia Jing