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“Historical Origins of International Criminal Law (Volume III & IV)” Book Launch

November 28,2015 afternoon, Historical Origins of International Criminal Law the third and Fourth Volume Book Conference was successfully held by Institute of international law, Peking University, Centre for human rights and humanitarian law, Peking University and International law research and Policy Center. Historical Origins of International Criminal Law  series is sponsored by International law research and Policy Center(CILRAP). Many research institutions around the world and the well-known universities worked together to promote the project research results. The project is the largest research project in the field of international criminal law. The series include four volumes, with a total length of more than 3300 pages, including 83 chapters and 103 authors from around the world participated in the writing.The book is a comprehensive review of the international criminal law's diversified historical origin. The first and second volumes were published in 2014. The third volume mainly discusses the evolution of the theory of international criminal law and related historical events. The fourth volume focuses on the analysis of the contributions of court and other institutions such as Nuremberg, Tokyo, Yugoslavia and Rwanda. At the same time, the future development trend of international criminal law is discussed. Morten Bergsmo, Director of the center for international law and policy, Visiting professor of human rights and humanitarian law research center of Peking University, CHEAH Wui Ling, assistant professor of National University of Singapore, Ms. Song Tianying, representative of the International Committee of the Red Cross, the East Asian region and Yi Ping, Professor of Peking University law school participated in the compilation of the book.

The new book conference was held at Peking University held by Yi Ping.Xue Jun, Vice Dean of law school, Professor Chen Yifeng respectively delivered a speech. Next, Ms. Song Tianying introduced the book. Sun Ang, Deputy director of the treaty and Law Department of the Ministry of foreign affairs of China talked about current situation of international criminal law and the possible future development. Professor Ling Yan, Professor of international law at China University of Political Science and Law, Professor Gao Xiudong, Professor of international law, China Foreign Affairs University and Professor Gong Renren, Professor of law, Peking University gave ahigh degree of evaluation to All of the series of books. In addition, Professor Morten,  scholars from the mainland and other universities and universities in Taiwan and other well-known universities, as well as the direction of Peking University doctor, master and foreign students also attended the conference.

In the new book conference, Yi Ping also pointed out that the history of the international criminal law series marked a starting point. It opened the door to the international criminal law history research. He hoped to promote the communication and cooperation between the Peking University Law School and the world's major research institutions and scholars.


Translated by: Sun Jingwei

Edited by: Xia Jing