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The 17th Anniversary Annual F.Y. Chang Lecture Held Successfully

On 19th of November, the 17th anniversary annual F.Y. Chang lecture held successfully inLecture Hall of Koguan Building. The theme of thislecture is intellectual property and the future of entertainment. Julia Chang Bloch, founder and chairwoman of US-China Education Trust, William P. Alford, deputy dean of Harvard Law School, Wang Xixin, deputy Dean of PKULS, Prof. Zhang Ping and Prof.Zhang Qi from PKULS attended the lecture. The lecture was hosted by Prof. Wang Xixin.

First, the chairman Julia Chang Bloch made a opening ceremony speech. She said she was very pleased to visit Peking University again, then she briefly introduced his father Zhang Fuyun’s ambition of China’s legal and the annual F.Y. Chang Lecture. She pointed out that the series of lectures is designed to share expertise between well-known scholars and experts from China, Hongkong, Taiwan and the United States and this would achieve the desire of Mr. Zhang Fuyun to reach a consensus between China and the U.S. through the legal academic exchange.

Then, William P. Alford, the deputy dean of Harvard Law School briefly introduced the speaker Prof. William W. Fisher. After that, Professor Fisher made a speech. He showed the development of entertainment industry and the existing problems of industrial malformations by usingrich statistical data. He pointed out that the illegal use of emerging digital technology damaged the benefits of the entertainment industry, in order to support the business environment, some countries have begun to take a variety of measures such as the implementation of copyright, shielding the site, the establishing regulatory mainstream media market and other issues.Professor Fisher focused on the analysis of these measures, assessing the advantages, disadvantages and feasibility of them. In the end, Professor Fisher expressed good wishes for sustainable development of cultural products.

Later, Professor Zhang Ping commented on the lecture. She thanked Prof. Fisher for his wonderful speechand made her own opinion and suggestion on creating a free and civilized network environment, which consistent with the views of Professor Fisher, reflecting the consensus ofthem in intellectual property and entertainment industry.

Some of the audience asked questions about entertainment industry, legal cooperation, intellectual property protection and other issues to Prof. Fisher and Prof. Zhang Ping. Both of them made detailed answers to all the questions.

In the end, Professor Zhang Qi summarized the lecture. He stressed the importance of mutual respect between different people in protection of intellectual property.

This lecture gathered renowned legal scholarsfrom Harvard University and Peking University, promoting the academic exchanges between them. It also shorten the distance between China and the U.S. and caused people's thinking and prospect to the entertainment industry development process, which have important significance to the future development of the cultural industry.

Translated by: Zhuang Muping

Edited by: Deng Bowen