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Peking University First Company Crime Criminal Defense Seminar Graduation Ceremony Held Successfully

November 6th to November 11th, Peking University first company crime criminal defense seminar was hosted in Peking University Law School, criminal defense lawyers from across the country, corporate counsel and university teachers, a total of 116 students, came to Peking University Law School and attended the seminar.

Peking University Law School is the birthplace of Chinese modern legal education, and is always at the forefront of personnel training, scientific research, discipline construction, strengthening legal system and other aspects. Peking University first company crime criminal defense seminar is a new short-term educational model founded by Peking University Law School, under the background of comprehensively implementing governing the country by law and building a socialist country ruled by law, with a view to promoting continuing legal education and training to adapt to the rapid development of society and the rule of law demands high legal talent.

Ten courses and three salons were set up during current seminar, well-known jurist Bai Jianjun, Chen Ruihua, prof, Fan Chongyi, Liu Jianwen, Wang Jin, Zhang Mingkai, senior judges Daichang Lin, Luo Zhiyong, senior prosecutor Chen Guoqing, and well-known lawyer Chang Junfeng, Gui Fang, Tian Wenchang were invited as speaker, the criminal procedure rules, the company crime types and characteristics, related cases of criminal defense experience and skills are covering. Strong teachers rationing, sophisticated complete curriculum, ensure the quality of teaching achievements of this seminar, so that 116 participants gain a solid theoretical knowledge and practical experience in a short learning time.

On November 11, 5:00 pm, Peking University first company crime criminal defense seminar graduation ceremony held successfully in lecture hall of Kaiyuan Building. Law school Deputy Dean Yang Xiaolei, Guo Li, Law school professor Chen Ruihua attend the event. All the participants in the seminar attended the graduation ceremony. This ceremony was presided over by director of Administrative Office NianYijia.

First, the host NianYijia invited representatives of participants to share their harvest and experience. Lawyer Qiu Wen from Shandong Sunsum Law Firm and Lawyer Zhou Meng from Beijing Yingke  (Nanjing)Firm recalled the full and intense learning life in the past five days , indicating that through learning seminar courses, students are not only learning systematically theoretical knowledge and practical skills experience about company crime criminal defense, and opening a new thinking, new perspectives, but also cultivating the feelings, responsibly and mission as a legal person should have. At the same time, they represented all the seminar participants expressing gratitude and good wishes to Peking University Law School, and hoped that the participants were able to cherish the friendship between each other, keep in touch in the future, and make more contribution to the legal society.

Subsequently, Professor Chen Ruihua addressed the ceremony. He encouraged all the participants make the transition from traditional criminal defense affairs to the company crime criminal case, go beyond the self, be multi-resource integration, breaking down barriers extending lawyer affairs. At the same time, he was really looking forward to students from Peking University mentally and integration, to make friends so as to realize the sharing of resources and abide by professional ethics, adherence to the bottom line, consider carefully before making a decision, and try to avoid risks in the process of the defense case.

After, Deputy Dean Guo Li gave a brief introduction, including the profile of Peking University Law School, degree programs and seminar training program, and expressed rewarding blessing for participants. Deputy Dean Yang Lei thanked the team of teachers to impart knowledge and practical experience needed in development, and share practical tips, thanked the staff for their hard work and thoughtful preparation, thanked all the participants for their trust and tolerance, and hoped would have the opportunity to meet in the future .

Finally, all participants receive a certificate of completion. So far, Peking University first company crime criminal defense seminar graduation ceremony had successfully concluded.

Translated by: Fan Wenyi

Edited by: Xia Jing