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The 32nd Law School Academic Salon Held Successfully

On 11st of November, the 32nd Law School academic salon held successfully in room 307, Koguan Building. The theme of this salon is A review of the theory of state ownership. The speaker is Deng Feng Professor, with Dean Zhang Shouwen, vice dean Xue Jun and many other teachers attended.

First, Professor Deng Feng discussed the public property and the constitutional status of the state-owned enterprises. Then, he introduced China's state-owned assets and assets of the Royal development situation since the Western Zhou Dynasty. He focused on analyzing the characteristics of current asset management system. Finally,he referred to the emergence of a number of problems in the management system.

Subsequently, professors discussed the problem of state-owned assets management system and Professor Deng answered their questions. So far,the 32nd Law School academic salon held successfully.

This salon carried on a thorough discussion on current state-owned assets management system. The teachers put forward suggestions for the current asset management system, and put forward valuable suggestions for the management of the state-owned assets of our country.

Professor GanChaoying, Peng Chun, Chen Ruoying, Li Honghai, Zhang Qi, Zhang Shouwen, Ye Shan and many other teachers attended this salon.

Translated by: Zhuang Muping

Edited by: Xia Jing