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PKULS-Yueyang Court Core Member Training Class Held Successfully

From Oct 31th to November 6th, PKULS-Yueyang court core member training class held successfully in Beijing. 59 core members of Yueyang court participated the training class. Famous professors from Peking University like Zhu Suli, Chen Xingliang, Chen Ruihua, Wang Jiancheng, Jiang Mingan, Bai Jianjun, Liang Genlin, Liu Kaixiang, Wang Xin, Shen Kui, Wang Lei, Zhan Zhongle, Chen Yongsheng were instructors of this class.

At 8:20, Oct 31th, the opening ceremony was successfully launched in moot court of Koguan Building. Secretary of Party Leadership and Dean Peng Shili of intermediate people's court of Yueyang city of Hunan province, Dean Fu Xiaoyong of people's court of Junshan district of Yueyang city, Vice Dean Yang Xiaolei of PKULS, Director Nian Yijia of executive office, Yao Yuxi from national cooperation office attended the ceremony. Firstly, Vice Dean Yang Xiaolei of PKULS made an opening speech. He expressed his warm welcome, and his hope of strengthening the optimum interaction. Then, Dean Peng Shili of gave a speech, requested the students to be focused, and announced the opening of the class. Lastly, all the members attended the meeting took a picture together.

After the opening ceremony, the students started their trainingclass that lasted for a week. Classes like understanding of amendment of the criminal law, analysis of criminal evidence, and empirical criminal justice are given in the progress. Students all learned a lot from the class.

At 4:00, 6th Nov, closing ceremony of the training class was held in B102 conference room of Koguan Building. Vice Dean Yue Xiaowen of intermediate people's court of Yueyang city of Hunan province and Vice Dean Yang Xiaolei of PKULS attended the ceremony. Firstly, vice dean Yuan Xiaowen made a summary. He pointed out that all the students treasured this opportunity and made full use of the resources. Then, Vice Dean Yang Xiaolei issued the certificates to the students and made a graduating speech. In his opinion, training class of PKULS was necessary for those legal professionals. Lastly, he congratulated all the students for their graduation.

The training class is an important achievement of the cooperation between PKULS and Yueyang court core member training system, helping precedingthe progress of China's ruling by law.


Translated by: Wu Tong
Edited by: Deng Bowen